Hermes Silk'in wallet

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  1. For some reason these are rare online. Even at boutiques they are a bit limited. I dug deep in Madison's drawers and they only had about six colors....from what I remember gold, bordeaux, a blue or two, and rose pourpre which I took although I don't love this color in Epsom.
    It is still a great and useful wallet and although twice the price of the most classic compact wallet (the Comme des Garcons square wallet line) it is much nicer and the lining always makes you smile!
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  2. Plus the silk lining is EXTREMELY durable. That was a concern when I bought mine and I have been incredibly surprised with how well the inside ages!!!
  3. EU often has many offerings of small Silk’Ins, both compact and change purses. But I rarely see either of these on the US site! :shrugs: For a small wallet I find the layout of the compact ideal. For times when I need to carry more I’d love a Dogon Recto Verso wallet (the long narrow one) but rarely see those, either. :shrugs: Meanwhile they currently have many colors of its big sister, the Dogon Duo! Wondering if buyers for US think we prefer larger wallets?
  4. I think Americas tend to carry more cards in their wallet, whether they are credit or club cards.
  5. I've recently pared down. :smile: I sorted through all my cards and realized I don't really need to carry as many! The ones I use frequently are in my compact Silk'In, and the others are in a Calvi. I do love the layout of the long Silk'In, but it just felt too large and bulky for smaller bags, easier to have a number of smaller SLGs.
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  6. My compact Silk'In is pretty perfect for what I need and I have about ten essential cards....but I have to say closing it around the internal zip is a bear. I still love it but wish I had taken something other than Rose Pourpre...this color in Epsom is not for me, pretty and I can find in my bag but does not blow me away.
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  7. final.jpg
    I hope you manage to find one. There's lots of choice in the UK site as I write this. I got the larger one (which i thought was too big really for me to use as a wallet, but I carry my glasses in it, a small comp and a perfume sample to make it work harder. ;)) The smaller one is a perfect size for most of my smaller bags. I adore the linings....:hbeat: it almost doesn't matter what you get as the inside is a lovely surprise...
  8. Fun that there are always new color offerings for these, hopefully one will pop up that's more ideal for you.

    I've found my ideal amount to carry in a compact is no more than 6 cards, a few coins and bills, and a few receipts. Otherwise, as you note, it can be hard to zip it closed, plus can distort the wallet a bit. I do really love the luxurious amount of space in the long silk'in :heart:, but unfortunately too big for smaller bags!
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  9. Beautiful :love:, and I especially love your compact in rose azalee with the gorgeous orange lining! That was up on the US site for about 2 seconds I think before it disappeared! Is your long silk'in pink confetti? They look so pretty together. :flowers:
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  10. I love the color combinations with your Kelly, so pretty.
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  11. You can get glasses and a small compact into the larger one? This is starting to sound fantastic. My K long wallet is in for repairs and I've been using a bearn, but I feel the urge for something new....
  12. May I ask the cost of the change purse and the compact wallet?

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  13. I love the idea, could you take a photo of your wallet with the items inside, thanks.
  14. Hello, current Silk’in prices for Epsom in USD are as follows:
    Long - $1150
    Compact - $760
    Change Purse- $460
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  15. I bought the rose pourpre....I figured it would be easy to find in bags and I loved the lining. I do somewhat regret the color....maybe I should keep my eye out while mune is still new.