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  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. Glad to hear. :flowers: I hope if the info is for you or a loved one, it can be successfully addressed. I know very little about it, but you've reminded me that both my husband and I are overdue for eye exams!
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  2. My advice for cleaning, Mindi, is to do one room or space at a time. I always think it feels good to get rid of stuff...I’m constantly sorting and depleting the items that I don’t use. Some I donate and others I give away to DD or dil. Recently I’ve given things to my dd’s friend who purchased a larger home. Have never missed any of these giveaways.
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  3. No need to carry a doggie bag while walking Mabel b/c she immediately recycles her poop. A dog that cleans up after herself, imagine!
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  4. I'm a constant sorter, too. Only I forget where I put things. Then I get nervous and somehow overlook the item I'm trying to find. Eventually, I find it and it's usually in the place where I originally stored it. If that makes sense.
    Never take up sewing. It leads to all sorts of clutter. I have a huge plastic bin full of baggies of thread, notions, and fabric swatches. (I never know when a color from the 70s or 80s is going to surface again and I'll need thread, zipper, or buttons for it). Not to mention all the sewing patterns. Which are going to be sorted . . . soon, I hope.
  5. Well, eagle, Mabs cleans up after her BROTHER, but not herself. She is discerning in her disgustingness! :yucky:
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  6. Yes, I agree, she's obviously an exceeding well bred dog, courteous, great manners, you can always tell Good Breeding!
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  7. She's a little stinker, eagle, but we love her. :P
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  8. @tesi I’m always up to hang out! Let me know if/when there’s a meetup. My favorite Wall Street SA moved to the temp Soho boutique in preparation for a management role when Meatpacking opens

    PS just requested you on IG, I am ChicMommy123
  9. Then they look up at you feeling all proud as if to say, 'want some?'. Lol. My cat Vincent (who since passed away) loved what we called 'a hot breakfast' - (cat vomit). It was a freakin race with him to get there first when one of the other cats would start wretching. :lol:
  10. :lol: and :yucky:, vinbenphon! Yet somehow we love the ghastly little beasties.
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  11. Is Olga bag charm still avail in boutique?
  12. The Olga charm was discontinued years ago. It’s only available in the resale market, generally for exorbitant amounts of money.
  13. Anyone else have spreadsheets tracking wishlists or archiving colours/years/leathers/hardware, etc? :biggrin:
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  14. Mindi- having company motivates the hell out of me. Moving does the same. Believe I’m on that trajectory! How did I get all this stuff? And why? If I live a thousand years I will not wear out all my clothes and shoes. At times I feel guilty, at times grateful, and lately just overwhelmed. I’m trying to muddle through and let go a bit at a time.
    Hope all are well and enjoying the fall weather that has arrived in the northern regions. I both enjoy and fear the seasonal change. Just means winter is coming! And not in the game of thrones way. Hugs to all.
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  15. As a newbie to the H allure, I am compiling a photographic archive of colours, bags, shoes and leather types so I can narrow down a wishlist for my first purchases. :giggle:
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