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  1. Glad to hear from you, tesi. I’m always wondering about the regulars like you and miss the chats. Sounds like you’re happy and living life. That’s what’s important. Be sure to check in!
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  2. I am in the weirdest place mentally (and as you all know, I have occupied some weird mental spaces in my time). DH and I are hosting Christmas for his family this year. This is actually not a huge deal, because fortunately my in-laws are all awesome and we enjoy each others' company, so they are fun to have around. But I am an only child and an introvert and having our household go from two people/two (goofy) dogs to nine people (one of whom is our nine-year-old nephew) and two (goofy, stranger-sensitive) dogs is a little freaky-outy for me. So the prospect involves rather a lot of actual and psychic work on my part, plus I have this odd, 50s-sitcom sort of feeling that the cleanliness and general nattiness of my house is actually a referendum on my worth as a woman. As in, I want to do LOTS of cleaning and organizing and decorating before our guests arrive.
    And I have no motivation whatsoever. I am totally dispirited (and furious to the point of pain) about the current zeitgeist, and it is a dark, wet, clammy day in a dark, wet, clammy autumn, and I am sitting on the sofa trying to get myself to do. . . anything, really.
    Anyone want to swing by and kick me in the keister?
  3. On the happier side, I HAVE found the wherewithal to introduce Mabel to her late sister Olive's tradition of writing DOGgerel, and I think Mabel's first-ever poetic effort suggests that she may be a canine literary titan in the making.
    I give you. . . Mabel's first poem!

    I'm Mabel Muffin.
    I don't do nuffin'
    That I don't want to do.

    My ears are large,
    And I'm in charge.
    I eat my brother’s poo.

    I stroll with swagger.
    I swing my wagger.
    Get what I want just ‘cus.

    Do as I say
    Or you will pay.
    You must obey the fuzz.
  4. Mindi, all I can offer is to join you in your angst while sitting beside you on the couch. (Mia, Emma and Dolly will join, as well.)

    Mabel is absolutely a poet laureate in the making! Love a good Dogeral!
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  5. Mindi, glad to see you were able to post if not get off the sofa.:flowers:

    With regard to the house and company, I tend to get a little crazy too, but I have found that the Christmas decorations make every room beautiful. Have you considered having a cleaning service? I can't live without mine. And they will do deep cleans too? You shouldn't take all of that on yourself.
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  6. lulilu, DH has an issue with spending money to do stuff we (I) can do myself. :doh: While eventually I will need to have some help, at the moment I can still do what is needed, if with a certain amount of sweating and swearing.
    I did actually end up getting off the couch and getting tucked in to a re-do of Guest Bedroom #2. Just some much-needed cleaning and getting rid of years of "I'll just put this in here 'til I decide what to do with it" and liberating some side tables to be redeployed in Not Actually a Bedroom at All but Guests Will Be Sleeping in There Anyway #3.
    Prepping for Christmas with the in-laws is like a military maneuver. DH has nooooo idea. :P
    But they're worth it!
    Thanks for your support, dear Peeps. It helps to know I'm not alone!
    And Mabel is gifted, isn't she? :biggrin:
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  7. I need to have a t-shirt made with a close-up of Mabs and the caption "Obey the Fuzz."
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  8. I can’t live without my cleaning service either. My goal this week is to get someone to haul out the junk in my garage...
  9. Mindi,
    Expecting house guests is always a good incentive to toss stuff you've been meaning to donate etc. Or clean/straighten closets. You will feel great when you get each room done.
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  10. I am on a garage/basement cleaning kick. The problem is my kids all think I am their storage unit. Their places are all small and they don't have room for everything. I am slowly but surely going through and tossing stuff. Even the closets in their bedrooms are full of clothes they can't fit in their homes, coats etc. Last year I donated literally over a hundred pairs of dress pants and dress shirts to Dress for Success, which now takes men's dress clothing. And there is still dozens and dozens of shirts, sweaters, you name it. And you know what? They don't miss the stuff and don't care if I donate it. When I think of all the money I spent on that stuff. But at least I have found a place that wants it.

    I have read on more than one occasion that hiring a cleaning service is one of the best things a couple can do for their marriage. Apparently, cleaning is the subject of discord between couples, especially when you both work and have kids things to do. I wish that I could have afforded it when mine were really small. Fewer weekends would have been spent cleaning and more time would have been available for more fun and relaxing stuff. It takes a lot of pressure off knowing someone will be there to do it for you.
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  11. Does anyone here have experience (or know someone with) macular degeneration?
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  15. Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadian peeps!
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