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And. . . we're off!
LDM, the "eat me" "drink me" brainstorm came from csshopper. I WISH I could take credit for it, but alas, all I came up with was a take-home dodo.

I was about to be VERY impressed. It's really a lovely picture.I was thinking you are really a creative whomever woman. Watercolors are hard. I was a painting major in college for two years until I switched over to graphic design.

Now, I'm thinking what a cool app. And you are still a wonder woman in my book. Congrats on Kirby Senior project.

I have about 1000 irons in the fire right now, including converting my sitting room into a "girl cave."

My love to all.
I want a girl cave! (Though I guess my closet might count!)

That's in essence what I'm doing-- converting/expanding a room into a closet--treasure room--oasis. My sitting room was the most ill used space in my house--and we don't have the room for underutilized spaces. My house is not a McMansion. I want a pretty and peaceful place to read and knit. I've been moving my H collection to the sitting room. I got rid of a huge desk.

My synagogue is having a yard sale this weekend. I'm getting rid of all kinds of junk--Dance Dance Revolution pads and all those silly instruments that has not been touched in 4 years-- I forget the name of the program that they went with. It was the rage a few years ago. Perfect Yard Sale fodder.

I found a really cool armless sofa at Crate and Barrel. I want to get something that's a little custom and was quoted a price verbally by a sales person who was evidently not fluent with the line. When I went to order tonight. My "custom" order was $1K more than I was verbally quoted. I also found a great pole lamp and mirror. So now I'm off to write to the store manager. I will pay the extra $ for the sofa if needed. But this would be the last time I purchase something from them. I was there till after 9 pm today.

So I need to think of my best case to the SM.

I also found the perfect rug cashmere throw and curtains, too.
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