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  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. Yes, I used to have longer hair. I decided to go Pixie in my old age. It just fits. I used to have a 30cm SO Black Birkin.

    Lifting weights does NOT hurt my knees because I started with light weights and work with a trainer that stresses proper form. We also do other stability exercises. I've learned how to move properly. I also take a load of anti-inflammatory supplements, Glucosamine, turmeric, fish oil, etc.

    It's taken me close to two years of consistent, hard work to get this strong. I spend well more than a Birkin unit per year on training. And it's the best money I spend.

    Lifting has improved my posture, bone density, lowered my blood pressure and I go through life with a confidence and bad ass attitude I did not have before.

    My gym is NOT a vanity gym. People of all ages and body types are there in an encouraging environment.

    ETA: No knee replacements or cortisone shots.
  2. I hope you can get back to the Gym soon.
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  3. Those guys were cheering me on. The shorter guy is in the top 5 or 10 in his weight class and age group in the US. He is ridiculously talented and hard working.
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  4. Does anyone keep in touch with Luckydomom or Tesi? I miss them!
  5. I miss them too.
  6. Tesi is on IG, as Tesi I think. She seems very well.

    I do seem to remember someone posting that they were in touch with luckydogmom, but can't remember who it was.
  7. CG, me too. And BaltoBagLady with her black poodles, Vintage Leather and the Knight, Millicat, India (wondered last spring if she was still going to Nantucket for what had been an annual stay). Prior to my starting to post I had voluminously read the Chat blogs so as people moved on or just dropped off it felt like a story without an ending. :huh:
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  8. Luckdogmum’s posts were always so gracious. I always wondered what happened to her.
  9. I just happened to stumble in here, lo and behold I see my name mentioned. Sometimes I swear that there is a little whispering angel telling me what to do!
    I’m so pleased that I have been missed.

    So much to update on. My girls are well, neither is married, but both with long term boyfriends and living in their own homes. My youngest completed a hike of the ENTIRE Appalachian trail. All 2200 miles of it-and fell in love with a young man on the trek. She has since moved to Indianapolis and is in research at a university. She’s taking several classes and likely to be looking at a Doctorate in environmental sciences. My little hippie girl! My older girl works for 1stdibs. My favorite website ever. One can find any wonderful thing your heart desires. And I do!

    My stepsons are well- we have 3 grandchildren now and the youngest got married this July. We had a wonderful wedding at a large bookstore in NYC. Perfect venue for a writer! He is working on some film projects for TV and Sundance.

    On the home front hubby and I are betwixt and between. We have a single family home in Florida but are in the building stages of a high rise apartment in Florida. Looks likely to be completed by March and we will need a couple months to paint and install wood floors. I’ve been working on decorating and planning and am over the moon at the prospect of leaving single family home ownership behind! We do have a rooftop terrace so I will have some space to plant and tend- my therapy.

    Oddly enough I’m completely certain I will love it. We recently (just last month) moved into an apartment in downtown NYC and it truly is the best move we have ever made. The ability to walk to the grocer, Target, CVS, Saks, a million other stores and even Hermes has changed my life. Talking long walks along the river where my forebearers owned and ran tugboats at the turn of the century makes me feel at home. I wish we would have done this sooner. I’m just thankful we finally took the plunge.

    Hubby is trying to figure out a way to work less. He turned 60 this year- had a big party with the whole clan at Disney World- and is looking toward some semblance of retirement. Unfortunately it’s not so simple when it’s your own business. No real exit strategy has emerged. We are collectively trying to come up with a plan.

    I’ve missed everyone and truly I’m not really certain why I dropped off the map. Having read the last few pages I feel the deep connection and support we provided one another during times both happy and sad. Please know I intend to be more present and welcome any and all news from this lovely group.
    And yes I am on insta as tesi123 if anyone is so inclined to check in!
    My love to all. Xo.
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  10. Tesi!!!!
  11. So fierce!
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  12. Tesi!!! *waves madly*
    You and your family sound fabulous!!! (((Hugs)))
  13. tesi,
    How wonderful to catch up with you and your family. Love finding you here again!
    I have visions of glorious pots of tulips on your terrace, how invigorating to make such an exciting adjustment in lifestyle.
  14. I'm so happy things are going well for you and your family, Tesi! I remember tales of your "hippie girl" so fondly. You are living my dream.......apartment in Manhattan, and a condo in warm weather. I remember when you and DH were on the search for one.

    Do you still have your beloved beach house? If you don't, the memories can be treasured forever.

    It's so good to hear from you! Don't be a stranger! :heart:
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  15. I have missed the camaraderie and the Mindi-isms. Wish I had a similar way with words! Waving madly as well- and if anyone gets into NYC please let me know. Would love a mini-meeting. I’m not the best at finding my way around but I do know my way to the Wall Street Hermes!
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