Scarves Hermes Carre Club

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  1. Yes they are and she was so incredibly sweet and patient!
  2. Does anyone knkw what the "limited edition" scarf was and the price? Should I go and line up early for this event?
  3. Somehow missed article. Nice pics of the workstations and the artists (although they did have Virginie's photo tagged as Edouard)

    Found it while trying to research more of Octave's work - can we start an 'Ode to Octave Marsal' thread?
    His artwork is stunning... I hope he has a long collaboration with H.

    A short video of him, Theo and their live drawing contraption
  4. Hi, I understand that these events are free but are you required to register prior to attending?? I’d like to go to the Toronto event and was curious about entry details. Any queues or crowds?? Thanks [emoji4]
  5. For the Carre Club, no pre-registration required (there was a separate Carre Disco event for NY that did require a RSVP by a certain date tho). If you're going on the weekend like I did, best to anticipate queues and crowds and get there as early as possible. Got there on Sat around 1115am and there was already about 20 people in line because they opened late. On Sunday (the last day) got there at 1020am and was first in line but a lot of people showed up 10 min or so after me.

    If you're interested in getting a portrait drawn by Cyrille (if he's on the Toronto leg), I would bee-line it to his station first to put your name on the list because it fills up fast... you can always go back to the Carre "check-in" counter later (they ask you to put your name/email address on an iPad and they give you a cute carre membership card).

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  6. Thank you so much for this information! Very helpful [emoji4]
  7. #69 Oct 19, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
    Some scene-setting here: there were Carre Club backdrops here and there for folks to take pics, colour walls where you could suggest names for colours used by H, cube lanterns made from pictures of scarves, and I wore my pinky SOTD which I usually only wear in Oct :smile: because of the ribbon design.
    The duo creating the Pivoine scarf for next season. Octave is decorating a skateboard and Theo is drawing peonies on card for souvenirs. He drew a lovely one for me when I asked him for a design which I could embroider. Please admire the young lass next to Theo. Her halter top is Pytheus and her skirt is Ex Libris. Just two 90 carres!
    And they invited a local embroidery artist Izziyana to demonstrate enhancing scarves with silkwork. She embroidered a Malay love song on the yellow strips of Panoplie Equestre, and some flowers too. I flipped to the back and the stitchwork was pretty rough, possibly because she was constantly interrupted.
    The queue to be sketched by Saw Keng was neverending. He looked quite apprehensive every time he peeked behind him to check how long it stretched!
    Gianpaolo Pagni used rubber stamps and coloured inks to create little souvenir cards which were also very popular.
    Alice Shirley had just arrived when I visited her atelier table. The crowd was thin then, so I had her all to myself for like 15 mins :yahoo:. She was working on a big cat scarf and totally sold me on it when she described her vision of the final product.
    I missed getting a photo of Ugo Gattoni. He was on his break but left a cute video Mino running. I kept spotting him later but I'd be in the queue for something else. (Ugo was swooping around taking video of his fellow artists) Managed to get his autograph on the run but no pic :crybaby:
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  8. Great !!! thanks for sharing !!!
    Is your SOTD en duo?
  9. Yes. The pink and red ribbons make it "seasonal" for me :amuse:
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  10. Takeaways from the Carre Club event: the Gianpaolo Pagni stamp art, a wig with a spraypainted image, wig worn when Saw Keng sketched me in all my nerdy glory, a membership card :giggle: (I want a discount card!), Theo's beautiful flower for me to do embroidery, and a temp tattoo declaring Un Carre ou Rien!
    And since I couldn't leave with rien, I bought 3 scarves :rolleyes:. Not the limited ed bandana - it didn't appeal to me. All the embroidered scarves were already snapped up, possibly yesterday evening at the VIP event, but that elusive C'est Le Fete was not among them. So I went home with two dipdyes by major female designer Annie Faivre: Circus 70 and Tarot 90, plus I finally found the Acte III with the malachite clouds :hbeat:
    I lugged the Hermes scarf book around with me and got everyone's autograph - does that count as my exercise today?:lol:
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  11. thank you for this fabulous recount. You have wonderful souvenirs, too.
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  12. Is someone wearing a bracelet as a choker?
  13. I love all those sketches the the Jaguars and the tiger sleeping one is amazing. What an awesome way for a scarf lover to see the ideas that lead to a final design. Amazing!
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