Scarves Hermes Carre Club

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  1. oh wow! What fun!!!! No wonder you spent 6 hours there! I would have too!
  2. Does anyone have details of the Carre Club event in LA?
  3. Kindly see post I quoted below from earlier pages in this thread. I believe only dates are confirmed so far. No venue as yet.
  4. the Los Angeles event will be at Melrose Avenue
    found the info here:
    Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 3.15.02 AM.png
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  5. The completed skateboard?
    First photo from @xincinsin’s post, second photo from @octavemarsal’s IG.
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  6. Amazing pics and great haul with all the goodies!
    Definitely want a carre discount card instead of the membership :graucho:
    So smart bringing the scarf book - I just had them sign a scarf box lol
  7. I saw Pagni doing his magic on the inside of a scarf box lid. Was that for you?
  8. Nope! I wish I could visit the Singapore event... this was at the NYC one :amuse:
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  9. I do believe you are right! The addition of the skateboard into the design is magic. Reminds me of when I was looking at a Toile design scarf. I thought it would be all stereotypically pastoral, then suddenly a motorbike jumped out of me :P Makes me grin every time I use that scarf.
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  10. :biggrin: it's a collar.... from the pet store... Repurposing is my middle name. The kitties have cuter collars but I don't have a pencil neck :amuse: (not to say I haven't been looking at those Kelly Double Tours... very tempted...)
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  11. Oh cool, the original 'collier de Chein ;)
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  12. Wow, love this, I would take-up skating just to justify having it
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  13. Bumping this thread as the event is in LA this weekend! :biggrin:
  14. Hermes Carre Club in LA so much fun

    IMG_0540.jpg IMG_0535.jpg
  15. Cyrille Diatkine did my sketch and he even include my birkin

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