Scarves Hermes Carre Club

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  2. Last one

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  3. Had a blast with friends here. The artists are all so approachable, engaging and uber talented. So glad I got to meet everyone!
    4191D575-6541-44FD-9E57-025020CB8E74.jpeg 230F4925-844F-48C3-A1C8-1049DF7345F2.jpeg 35BF7C24-8024-4FC4-A0F3-3157B090FD8F.jpeg


    And this Exceptional bandanna came home with me. 43D07490-DC9F-4149-AED1-0B0CCB206783.jpeg
  4. This event was awesome! Alice Shirley signed the scarf I bought and box. The free treats (patch, cookies, candy, temporary tattoos, iced coffee) were nice and of course I couldn’t resist buying the special edition scarves IMG_2230.jpg IMG_2252.jpg IMG_2249.jpg IMG_2250.jpg
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  5. So glad you had the possibility to visit the event lanit, thank you for posting pics. Love your exceptional bandanna such a beautiful piece and souvenit of the event!
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  6. I understand that there is another Cafe event at Madison running till December 2nd. Has anyone seen it, I can't attend but would love more info and photos.
    "We invite you to pop in our Madison boutique for a Carré Surprise! Now until December 2nd, experience a special moment for members of the Hermès Carré Club.

    691 Madison Avenue, New York
    Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm"
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  8. I liked her perspective on wearing/using/enjoying the scarves, too! But I’d panic if I lost a scarf; it doesn’t seem to bother her that much (probably because she has access to as many as she wants )
  9. The Singapore version of the patch given at the LA event. H is giving it out this month.
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  10. I didn’t even notice that the patches had the different Club location on them! I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with mine (if anything), suggestions/ideas?
  11. Looks like the next Carre Club will be in Paris from November 28 till December 8 and Alice Shirley will be there! :nuts:
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  12. Fabulous, great it’s back in Europe!

    Does anyone have any intel if it will go to other European cities after Paris? :pray:
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  13. Hmm, looks like the dates are supposed to be November 29 to December 8 instead per Octave Marsal's story on Instagram. :thinking:

    Anyway, it seems venue will be at Le Carreau du Temple: 2 Rue Perrée, 75003 Paris.
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  14. Guess Jan Bajtlik will be there as well, three great names already!

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