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  1. Does anyone have information on the event being held September 16 in NYC? Is anyone planning to go? Will it be worth it to travel for this event?

    Sorry if this info has already been asked somewhere else!
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  2. It's a pop-up with an Instagram bent running from 9/13-9/16, close to the new Gansevoort store.
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  3. I was wondering if it was worth traveling to as well. It would be cool to meet some of the scarf designers but they haven’t said who. Also, I’m waiting for the wash silk scarves to come out and I haven’t seen them drop in the US yet. Not hopeful they’ll be at the event. It would be worth it if they had older scarves for sale though.
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  5. I'm planning on stopping by. I'll be happy to report back here with details!
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  7. The washed silks have definitely hit US stores. My boutique got them, I believe others too as well from what I have read here. Not sure if that will make a difference to you or not, just putting it out there!
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  8. What are "washed silks"?
    Does anyone know if there are any "exclusive" scarves for the event? I saw that they mentioned a "Capsule Colletion" but is it just the red scarf with "Carré Club" written on it?
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  9. Yes, my SA said there will be an exclusive scarf for the event. I don’t have any other details than that.
  10. Thanks! Unfortunately either way I wouldn’t have been able to make it now with hurricane flo. [emoji22]

    Does anyone have photos from the event? Scarves on sale, special edition scarf?
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  11. Hi folks,

    Just left the pop up. Great interactive event where you can take photos, grab some sweet treats, meet some of the artists, and buy current season scares, including a special edition bandana ($195). Got a nice shot of Alice Shirley and Ugo Gattoni chatting. Edouard Baribeaud was also painting the Acte III design as well. IMAG0666.jpg IMAG0667.jpg IMAG0668.jpg IMAG0673.jpg IMAG0677.jpg IMAG0679.jpg IMAG0681.jpg
  12. Thank you for sharing, great pic with AC and UG [emoji3] I wish I could have heard their conversation, they seem to connect well.
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  13. Fun event! Had a lovely chat with Alice Shirley. Here's Ugo Gattoni drawing on a glass plate and an animation of Mino created from his drawing in collaboration with Jean-Simon Roch. 20180915_131209.jpg 20180915_122647.jpg
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  14. It was fun as a social event, but just OK as a shopping event. The displays were great. Meeting Alice Shirley was really nice. But I didn’t buy anything. The exclusive scarf was not my thing. But if you missed the dip dye event, they had some of those out to purchase.
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  15. Finally had a chance to go to the event today! (Sorry if the pictures are out of sequence)
    C157B256-1F6D-4A47-A021-058B84C7CF46.jpeg ED9B0C8A-07AC-4AE0-A472-8560D8D233E2.jpeg C2E20AF4-C3F2-45BE-9EE6-25D159372C40.jpeg FC6F72F4-EA09-46BB-BDE3-EF34FD379607.jpeg F24C839D-E183-46CD-B5E8-FC8F7CF89171.jpeg GIF booth 33E4EEAE-8636-4BDD-9B4F-86A4A2BA0DF1.jpeg
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