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  1. What an amazing event! Thanks to those shared pics and video. I have only dipped my toe into the world of Hermes scarves, but I would have loved to attend an event like this. I really enjoy getting a behind the scenes look at the artistry that goes into creating finely designed items.
  2. Ugo posted on his IG story that the next stop he’ll be at will be Singapore on October 16, 2018 with his partner Jean-Simon 6A2FC54C-7BC8-49A6-B3E9-934D9C7A60C3.jpeg
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  3. Thank you so much to those who’ve so graciously posted photos and videos from the NY event!! I am beyond excited to see it in Toronto at the end of this month! As a third generation Hermes scarfie, it’s amazing to me that I’ve never actually met one of the artisans. I will post photos from the Toronto event here.
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  4. Wow, third generation scarfie? So does that mean you have to regularly fight off your mom and grandma for the same scarf?? When my mom saw my collection and said, “but you can’t possibly wear all of them... Here, just give a few to me and I’ll help you with that.” I was like, “Look, lady, you may have given me life but that does not entitle you to all my scarves!” (Well, OK, maybe one. In the end I let her have run of the scarves...)
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  5. Octave will also start the tour with Singapore

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  6. You are hysterical! Well, unfortunately my dear grandmother and mother are no longer alive, but they are definitely “responsible” for my **ahem** H addiction. My mom and I used to buy many of the same scarves in the same colorways, as our tastes were—not surprisingly—very similar. In the cases where we had the same cws, I now tie them together (a la Mai Tai’s friendship knot) to make them one long scarf. Sorry to be off topic...back to the event!
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  7. The events looks like it was so much fun! Thank you for posting the pictures and videos!
  8. Some more shots I took on Sunday...
    B240BD57-A271-463B-BC49-A0F2E8E84F3B.jpeg 56A6AB3E-0EFA-4220-9E7C-A02DC6F69363.jpeg 39445979-F3B9-4C2B-96CE-90BFD0F9957D.jpeg

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  9. Carré cookies!

    Café’s Rocabar floor

    Just gummies ;)

    Got a peek into the Carré Ok booth! Sadly, I didn’t have time to try it out

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  12. Hey, that is actually a good idea! Not the undies, but imagine an Alice Shirley scarf with her signature on it (a real one, not the printed one!
  13. Are the leaves and the Elephant also by Alice Shirley? I really like her art and would love to see these sketches turned into scarves! And from the bits of information I found about her on the web she also seems to be a very nice person.
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