Scarves Hermes Carre Club

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  1. Edouard Baribeaud E550DF05-1682-4902-A737-A926D2930CC4.jpeg 089093C8-8C72-474C-97E7-2CC480FBAD4A.jpeg CD884010-7BF1-4654-B618-549207C98426.jpeg 74613279-2AE4-4F7C-8B3A-B59C672A8B58.jpeg 9BFCC243-8979-4E91-BDD8-FC1144FCD383.jpeg 5B71702A-B28E-466A-91E4-C41D920E33C1.jpeg 872AFA41-4904-496F-8229-3B172FC4158E.jpeg 9F1F9289-4F86-4EF6-B1C0-48CE563AAD5E.jpeg 3AC3DA5D-4D21-470C-B123-3C5EE23F87B2.jpeg DB6173C1-77A0-4F10-9A49-F862B678805F.jpeg
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  2. F4422193-A95F-44E2-AF40-1CC3C8598599.jpeg 0FC9C4A1-5CCD-4E98-8128-D5F304E610C8.jpeg

    Ugo Gattoni (right) and Jean-Simon Roch

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  3. Thanks to all who’ve posted photos!! :flowers:
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  4. Portrait drawings by Cyrille Diatkine (up to a 3-4 hour wait!) 2869606F-E0F8-4D32-A20E-4D3EA9397F73.jpeg

    Virginie Jamin - creator of the Collier de Chien scarf (over 10 years ago), now reimagined with border of dog portraits! Adorable

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  5. ‘Name a Color’ Wall
    22517C11-E1F5-4CDF-A5D2-7E315D775092.jpeg 732B3054-CA30-41A0-9EBB-9F22E86B88EE.jpeg 2587F6EC-F125-4EC8-B9B7-C4CA477A3870.jpeg
  6. New scarf from Octave Marsal and Théo de Gueltzl — it’s gorgeous!! And I’ve already found at least 3 colorways I love...
    He also showed me a snapshot of one of his upcoming works in its final stages on his phone. FLOORED. :sad: OH MY WALLET!!
    Octave (left) and Théo

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  7. Alice Shirley - it was lovely chatting with her! She’s such a sweetheart. I wish I got more pictures of her work station/inspiration wall.

    Here, she’s painting a quad jaguar-themed scarf (quetzal is upper left hand corner)
    A29D9A98-5354-4949-A1B7-C25A6F6B5BB4.jpeg C90D0EB8-94E2-468A-8F84-B2AD75164CD7.jpeg

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  8. Café: complimentary beverages and sweets
    9585EB66-E0EB-420D-B840-B387677F2113.jpeg E27ADD41-8EB9-487B-B048-BCBDF907488E.jpeg

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  9. Karaoke booth
    65B41A36-682D-493D-AC0C-0897764A3123.jpeg DBB60EC7-0CFC-4FEF-B923-672630CF5ACE.jpeg 71F1CB19-BD59-422F-AC12-BC8D68A67A8A.jpeg 3C15974A-4266-4FC3-AD75-10A66E3A3D13.jpeg 4F552E7B-CF94-4DEE-B654-E92C369B7E57.jpeg 184B8724-B68F-4FFB-A0AD-28A38F9C426E.jpeg

    Even the bathroom is themed!
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  10. Shopping area
    1BD86AFC-CD5B-450A-B8DA-C7C56114393C.jpeg D6226607-1E9C-4120-866F-A4CC7343BA2F.jpeg

    Exceptional (beaded) scarves
    6E2FAB35-A4E9-40EC-BC99-62576A452DB8.jpeg 75FC8042-5C0A-4AC6-A99A-87D59F040439.jpeg DE230D1F-0BA8-494C-B86D-3DB90C5518AB.jpeg


    Snatched these 3 up (there was also a green one I left behind)

    The Carré Club 70cm bandana
  11. Thank you to everyone for sharing pictures and experience from the event! This event looks like it was so much fun!! Wish I could have been there.... I am curious to see where the event travels. Maybe I can catch it in another city.
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  12. I wish was there too. I am just whimpering.
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  13. I think you were in front of my husband and me at the photobooth today. Didn't say hi then, but...hello now!

  14. Thanks for the pics! I can't wait for the new Octave and Theo scarf! It's beautiful! Would love to see the details of it!
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  15. Hi Ryan! :wave: I hope you had a good time as well... I thought it was delightful.
    Not as expansive as the workshop a few years back but it's wonderful to get to speak with the artists!

    From the Town and Country article link above:
    Next up is Toronto in September, followed by Singapore in October, and then Los Angeles and Milan in November.
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