Scarves Hermes Carre Club

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  1. Here are some. The white one has bright orange contrast hem - yum. 20180915_123529.jpg 20180915_123533.jpg 20180915_123553.jpg 20180915_123606.jpg
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  2. Octave's scarf is called A L'Ombre des Pivoines fullsizeoutput_3218.jpeg fullsizeoutput_320b.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3204.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3206.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3209.jpeg
  3. Thank you both!! :heart::flowers: Wow, the details on the design are amazing! I’m so excited for it!
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  4. Oh I just figured out how to upload videos!! (haha..)

    Ugo and Jean-Simon painting in real time

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  6. Thank you all SO MUCH for sharing, what an utterly fabulous event, really wish this was local to me to discover! I love that H embraces it's artists and really allows you to get hands on with them!

    Just FYI, translated, the new scarf is called "In The Shadow Of Peonies"!
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  7. Thank you so much for these beautiful pics! Could you please post them in the new season scarves thread too? :flowers::flowers:

    Wishing I could attend this, looks fabulous!
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  8. Thanks so much for these pix! Very thorough. I had accidentally left my phone at home (so frustrating!!), so I appreciate seeing these. It was a fun event. I loved the floor of the café, a huge painted Rocabar.
    Ditto the drop-dead gorgeous colors of the coming "A l'Ombre des Pivoines" scarf. That is going to be a huge hit.
    I was very tempted by the dip-dyes left over from the Hermesmatique, especially the reds. Hm. I might have to go back today!
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  9. Your photos are fantastic. TFS!
    I tried the "Carre OK" booth and thank Xenu it was soundproof ;)

    This is correct. Shirley said that she wont be at the Toronto one tho but will be at all the rest. She seemed the most popular artist there too.
  10. I squealed when I heard it’s coming to LA, then my stomach sank when I heard it was in Nov because I’ll be out of town for more than half the month. Nooooo!

    So I googled extensively and read every article that mentioned Carre Club in LA and there’s an article in WWD that alludes to Nov 8-11. I can’t read it because it’s behind a paywall. Can anyone confirm? If so, this is fantastic because this is literally the only weekend I’ll be home and I can’t believe my luck!!!

    Here’s the link:

    Also wanted to add to the clamoring chorus of admirers for the new pivoines scarf. Holy cow, it’s so incredibly beautiful.
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  11. I found this site where you can read it. You have to scroll left to read the whole article.
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  12. You’re welcome!! I hope you get to go.
  13. Carre Club will be no where near me so I depend on you @Joannadyne for colorful pics and vivacious commentary :smile:
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  14. Aw, what a nice thing to say! I’ll do my best but since we’re getting after most of the stops, I’m afraid there won’t be anything new to add. Unless someone asks Ugo to sign their underwear or something, haha!
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