Scarves Hermès Spring/Summer '19 Scarves

  1. Do we have a thread for Spring 2019 (Assuming it is the upcoming season)? I am seeing incredible photos of an upcoming scarf by Octave Marsal that I am obsessed with, photos on his IG feed and the Hermes IG feed.
    IMG_7725.jpg IMG_7724.jpg IMG_7726.jpg
    IMG_7729.jpg IMG_7730.jpg
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  3. OMG! Those are beautiful!!!!
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  5. the CSGMs are as follows:
    Zouaves et Dragons
    Faubourg Rainbow
    Les Cabanes
    Paisley from Paisley
    L'Art du Bojagi
    Jungle Love Tattoo
  6. Thank you so much for bringing our attention to this, @nicole0612! :nuts:

    Here's a screenshot of it from Octave Marsal's Stories

    And :woohoo: thank you @Croisette7 for intel on CSGMs!

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  8. :flowers: Thank you Criosette
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  9. Thank you Croisette! Jungle Love Tattoo is on my list already!
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  10. Yes, doesn’t it look great?! I took a screenshot of that photo from his stories last night (was already planning to purchase just from that glimpse), and then this morning like a gift was the addition all of the colorways!!
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  11. Thank you! Already loving the designs.
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  13. Thank you for this lovely information, Croisette! I am looking forward to the new season's L'Art du Bojagi...and anything with dragons sounds fantastic!