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  1. AFABE796-C4CE-445A-94DF-1B587CEC18AB.jpeg Running out of floor space? Why not hang the Christmas tree from the ceiling?
  2. I would imagine it might make hanging ornaments a challenge. :P
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  3. In the PBS show Victoria, they show Albert hanging trees from the ceiling for each of the children.
  4. New perspective on why young lady on balcony on Les Toits de Paris — escaping paint fumes and swirling drywall dust from post-hurricane house rehab not as far along as hoped. :crybaby:
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  5. Edinburgh last Sunday IMG_20181216_114623_009.jpg IMG_20181216_114642_869.jpg IMG_20181216_161940_501.jpg IMG_20181216_162159_572.jpg IMG_20181216_132539_548.jpg IMG_20181216_172133_152.jpg IMG_20181216_172853_960.jpg IMG_20181216_172906_093.jpg IMG_20181216_172929_180.jpg
  6. Your photos are beautiful. I went to Edinburgh ( many moons ago ) as an 18 year old student and met DH. We married there and it holds many memories.
  7. Thank you for sharing your story. How romantic!
  8. FC6E0B98-4DC8-4184-9499-128E5FFEF084.jpeg The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, all decked out for The Philadelphia Orchestra Christmas concert:
  9. How festive! Merry Christmas to all!
  10. So are these Victorian trees supposed to be a European version of a pinata? Where you whack the tree with a stick and the prezzies fall down to the kids?
  11. We visited Edinburgh about a decade ago b/c it was a priority for me, I'd always wanted to see it and tour the HIghlands. Edinburgh was so medieval, I loved it and the Castle. Such atmosphere! The Highlands were magnificent b/c it seemed that every few minutes the scenery and the clouds and light changed dramatically from one vista to another. So nice to see your pictures, @meowlett!
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  12. Longwood?
  13. Hello, HeatherZE! You are right- this was at Longwood.
  14. F8AE101F-AAD3-4345-9CB4-AEE29AB25A91.jpeg
    Scarf research lead to a viewing video of Hermes 1992 fashion walk, including a young Tara Banks, n’est pas?
  15. IMG_20190112_163819_085.jpg
    Mt Rainier
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