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  1. Reminiscing Hermes Exhibition held in Marina Bay Sands Art and Science Museum in Singapore a while ago.

    From this delicious spread you may find Constance bag, Jige clutch, Rodeo charm, Kelly Cut clutch , Dogon wallet and others.. IG31.jpg IG32.jpg
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  2. #24722 Jul 30, 2018
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    I hear Club 33 (at Disneyland) is super exclusive/elusive. Anyone been there? Is it really harder than scoring a B/K/C?
  3. Nope, never been there but it's in Disneyland and I don't do Disneyland. I am more of a Club 55 girl (in St Tropez). :smile:
  4. Playing with the IPhone XS max at the Apple store. New bracelet just in time for Dressage at Devon.
    703F8772-B5CC-439C-819D-912DF12D8A38.jpeg D6F943F3-AD86-401D-8FAE-79F8092EE759.jpeg
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  5. 3517A13C-EA7D-4048-8672-890CEB551EA7.jpeg 227A4C53-B52D-4876-9C86-EF9BFE92C42E.jpeg This thread has been much too quiet-so-here are some pics to wake things up.
    This is Beau. He was born at the Philadelphia Zoo in June. His sister, Abigail, is eight years old.
  6. OMG, they are adorable! Super cute!
  7. 19FF9DB6-9136-4D57-9FC1-D9B4B04BED5A.jpeg 94FA093B-392F-416E-AA6A-12B3166C245C.jpeg 7F7ECACF-089A-4AE1-9CBF-87A3ACCE923B.jpeg 93ACDACA-C0C6-4B4B-85C0-21D5912E083D.jpeg A garden in northern New Jersey
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  8. 3B6C5385-D524-479F-97E4-4DAB31345594.jpeg

    21819EFF-1792-410C-9E83-3DA6E5A56AF3.jpeg Opening night gala at the Philadelphia Orchestra.
  9. Thank you, Xiangxiang:smile:
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  10. Many thanks, Maedi:biggrin:
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  11. F10A9CA8-4B36-412F-95D6-32EB416BE282.jpeg Today at Dressage at Devon
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  12. FE9DE08A-F9A1-4D88-B9BA-07F66EE799B9.jpeg Taking a little break at Dressage at Devon