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  1. Just followed her on IG!
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  2. Me too!!
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  3. Hi, BBC:idea: I think she’s a mixed breed.
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  4. Goma is RIDICULOUSLY adorable. What a cutie! Maltese are so sweet, too.
  5. Beautiful pictures! I'm going there next week. I hope there will still be some blossoms left.
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  6. Hey ladies, I might be stopping by Paris in about 2 weeks after a business trip. Since I am hunting Samourais CSGMs, I am going to the H stores there to look for items that I cannot find in the US. Do you have a trusted SA in Paris that you work with? If so, could you PM me his/her info. Thanks in advance. The Paris shopping thread seems to be focused on a different mission and I think I will get better input from here.
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  7. I don’t have a recommendation but you made me smile because I am hoping to plan a trip to Paris to get some HTF NON-bag items as well! Isn’t it funny that some things we can’t get here are on the website in Europe?
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  8. I also have a few hours at the Dubai airport. That said, I want to target my purchases so that I will not cheat on my SA. If those HTF items are new and will likely be more available later in the US, I will wait.
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  9. I will be going through the Dubai airport this summer for the first time. I am interested to hear your report of their stock.
    In my case, I am mostly interested in shawls that have sold out in the US and a Tressage Bag strap. I’m just not sure if these specific straps are going to be part of the permanent collection, or are more of a limited run (I assumed the latter).
  10. Yes, I am after CSGMs too. As for Tressage strap, it is very limited in the US. But my SA believes that there will be more straps coming. I will keep you posted on both the Dubai and Paris stock.
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  11. Greetings from Paris, saw the Margiela exhibition and there were som fabulous long cashmere coats that made me crave for a new cashmere coat next winter

    Still Space shopping at FSH

    Moncler had some really over the top ostrich creations, but found a couple of classic short light down jackets.

    Parisian window designs can be really funny like this huge sakura pink bunny
  12. ^^^^Love the photos!
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  13. Thank you. Enjoy your trip :smile:
  14. For non-bag purchases you don't really need an SA contact (although if someone gives you one that's great!), there are usually SAs available even in busy times at the counter in FSH. You could also try George V or Sevres depending upon where you are staying, but FSH will have the best selection. Have a great trip!
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  15. Oh my DOG! I need!!!!
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