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  1. BAB5A450-EE44-46DC-AC7F-95F46AD2C3A3.jpeg The perfect passenger for any Garden Party: her name is Goma, which is Japanese for Sesame. She is 4 years old.
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  2. So cute!!!!
  3. Omg she is totally adorable!
  4. Awww, what a sweetie!
  5. Sweet!
  6. Sorry to quote you here but didn't want to derail the Alice Shirley Club thread. Did Mythiques Phoenix ever came in mousseline? Or do you mean Millifleurs Mexique? :shrugs: :thinking:
  7. Last year( 2017) mythic Phoenix came in mousseline stole format.
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  8. :facepalm: Yes, of course. I was thinking of the 140cm format and forgot about the stole. Thank you for the reminder! I know you have at least one. ;) :flowers:
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  9. What breed is she?
  10. yep! scarf1 answered for me. It was the stole. They had several colorways of it in Dallas. (And now they have one less.....though I can't call it mine just yet....)
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  11. Oh my goodness! She is sooooo adorable!
  12. Never seen a petite dog like this, soooo cute, the ears especially
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  13. Cherry Blossom at University of Washington last weekend
  14. OH MY what a ball of cuteness.... may I know what breed dog? SO ADORABLE and a welcome sight from my pained eyes admiring all the Hermes goodies pictured in the H forums.
  15. Re the puppy:

    "Goma, whose name means sesame in Japanese, is a cross between Maltese and Papillon breeds, and that’s where the signature ears came from. The 4-year-old fluff lives in Tokyo, Japan and after becoming viral in the US she was named “Mickey Mouse dog” by her newfound fans."