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  1. I am staying a few minutes from FSH, but will be hanging around George V also. Perhaps I will stop by both. But I have a feeling that I am going to score in Dubai first.
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  2. I have no idea about the selection in Dubai. I would suspect its good, but I didnt go to H when I was in Dubai. I heard it was more expensive and I am an H bargain hunter if there is such a thing haha.

    Make sure to ask them to check at FSH if you are looking for something specific. Sometimes they have items not on the floor.
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  3. I will take a look at both of the stores in T3. In any case, my Samourais hunt is over. My SA will get me CW09, 10 and 12 in the US. So I am under no pressure.
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  4. No Dubai for me today. I was trying to fly to India for business through Dubai. Ran into a vaccination problem as Brazil is considered an epidermic area for yellow fever. So flying home to wait it out.

    In any case, here are some photos I took in Sao Paulo. While others complain about Sao Paulo, I love it. Look forward to visiting there again.
    IMG_20180504_174725_527.jpg IMG_20180501_112033_524.jpg
    I think no attempt to "cheat" on my SA (even with her "permission") will go unpunished.
  5. Dogwood trees are called dogwood because pups grow in them. ;)

    IMG_6179.jpg IMG_6198.jpg IMG_6064.jpg
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  6. Serva, lovely photos!
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  7. Thank you cremel, glad you enjoyed them Paris
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  8. Coming at you today from the Devon Horse Show:
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  9. C0F78BAE-BE40-4DF2-87AC-AB661AEBA85C.jpeg Things look good from here:
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  10. 17399F25-84FF-449D-B10A-914809E1642C.jpeg The perfect way to bring a special order home
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  11. 7B4FB18C-B06B-4128-A169-69BA0D0A6C3E.jpeg “Can’t someone get some privacy in this bathhouse?”
  12. E5608EB1-2F27-4A52-A968-B66CE00725B9.jpeg Some show goers are just not interested.....
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  13. F6BA4BD6-4792-4065-86F0-58CA7C792FBD.jpeg Bye!
  14. Orange is the happiest color.
    7AE61C14-632A-4230-BEFB-AAE67481D0FA.jpeg 7ABC119E-2AC6-4F29-A1F6-35EF1CD6133D.jpeg
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  15. Thank you Mdm B for the pics and as always love your humour
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