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  1. . These are lovely animals! The horsey’s colour is so beautiful and the little doggie looks like he is enjoying the shade :heart:
  2. Merci, Madame Bijoux!
  3. I just got a Barenia Faubourg Birkin. I’m so in love. Ive kept her in a box for about a week and half and finally decided to carry her tonight.Long story short, DH is at a buddy’s housewarming party tonight and I decided to stay home and then went to the mall. Texted DH to say “came back from the mall and I took my BF with me. Best time ever!” I wanted to proceed to tell him about how I scratched my Barenia and it rubbed off with my thumb! I was so impressed.
    DH texts back “I really hope you mean a purse thing because to me BF, is boyfriend”
    Lol. I told him Barenia Faubourg! It was hilarious! Thought I’d share. Happy Saturday everyone! XOXO
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  4. A gorgeous horse.
  5. Madam thanks for sharing these amazing scenes. Horses are the most handsome animal on earth. love that big banquet! Impressive settings for the gala.
  6. LOL! What a kitten. Madam, I actually went to see the movie. Lady Gaga and Cooper did a great job.
  7. My first “Birkin”.
    So darn cute! Even a little pink leatherette for good measure.

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  8. Where did you find that! Please post.
  9. #24745 Nov 10, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
    EBay. just popped up on search for purse holder. I haven’t searched again but today messaged the seller to ask if has more. will add if hear.

    UPDATE: this particular seller had only one like this. an individual whose girlfriend was spring cleaning.
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  10. The King of Prussia mall just became even more dangerous: the new Louboutin store is open.
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  11. This week's fun: A trip to Longwood Gardens
    IMG_4344.JPG IMG_4346.JPG IMG_4348.JPG IMG_4347.JPG
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  12. Love the pictures, Madame B!
  13. Thank you, Passau:smile: