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  1. 1B31C09F-C12D-46BF-AB3E-4482092FD225.jpeg Trying to capture the tranquility of a bend in the river at the Brandywine Art Museum in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.

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  2. Lovely pics as always, Madam. And the flower show pics were just absolutely gorgeous (I peeked in April).
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  3. Thank you, Fabfashion:biggrin:
  4. #24784 May 31, 2019
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    It’s that time of year again: Today at the Devon Horse Show:
    C241BDB1-D117-48DF-83F2-35A138776D1C.jpeg 302DEC35-5EE7-4FBC-8F49-DFFA7A877A27.jpeg
  5. Hmmm....What’s this???
    AE967D7A-5FA5-485C-BD6C-17E539AE9B0A.jpeg 45C954AD-120E-4633-8E85-CAF7F04C83C4.jpeg

  6. Nope...Nothing in there is as beautiful as this fellow.
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  7. “You talkin’ to me?”

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  8. You’re in my area! Hope you had fun....and bought yourself a saddle!!
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  9. 89599B52-3711-4F3C-8FA2-FC1215D483E9.jpeg Today’s fun: a tour of the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. This is the view from the stage.
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  10. Fun to see "behind the scenes." My kids were supernumeraries at the Phila Opera many years ago, so I've had the pleasure. Even more interesting was a tour of the Met -- so amazing with the elevator operated stages etc. Certainly so much bigger and more elaborate than Phila.
  11. I’ve done a tour of the Met, too. Amazing engineering there.
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  12. B6DFC41F-D110-42C9-8909-142FDA7D929F.jpeg Another day of garden visits in Maryland. These friendly Alpacas didn’t spit on me, but they didn’t offer me a 140 shawl either.
  13. 3F27C4C1-B972-4292-86D6-F932B3A346BD.jpeg “Who is that handsome fellow?”
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  14. B10DCDDE-74E3-45C3-B597-5BCC7E85D036.jpeg 465C9AAE-BD2F-471E-B8F7-A707D681D8CE.jpeg 23259295-2425-4ABE-9D7B-4C537F4B79EE.jpeg 2C15165B-5D30-4DDF-AB34-8EC7C4218073.jpeg More garden pics
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  15. CDBEF44F-8289-4C06-AA00-39DB486C64FD.jpeg 2C8F176C-2307-421A-8377-9D85ED7E4F4B.jpeg 4D17EF4A-136D-40E7-82A4-566BE2F062A0.jpeg
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