Hermes Apple watch

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  1. Well, the basic apple one comes with a white sports band so we aren't really getting anything *additional* there but you're right, it's nice to have the exclusive color. :smile:
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  2. You ladies are making it difficult not to get one now hahahahaha
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  3. This is such a great idea! I’m planning to order the Hermes pink dt, and since I already have a white sports strap, I will also order a blue one so I can change to this look at times.

    The blue sports strap in the picture looks darker than the blue horizon I see online, could it be midnight blue?
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  4. I know I know! I had talked myself only into a new pink DT band, and got it, love it, and promised myself I’d keep my series 3 H watch. Ha. Famous last words, the 4 is supposed to be otw, ( not til 10/23) with single tour pink band. I “justify” saying wow it’s like 3 work watches in one” switching pink and bordeaux around etc etc. and even more with all the other bands I have.

    I finally decided given how limited H is with the bands and combos, if you don’t snag it immediately you miss out. So it’s worth it for me. noegirl, I can tell you are really struggling. Good luck with your choice, either will be great I’m sure!
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  5. I looked up the price for the orange sports band on eBay. It’s selling for around $200.
    I actually have the Hermes series 3 Apple Watch; with the purchase of the series 4, I will bave two orange sports bands. Selling the extra orange sports band will remove the compromised $200.:biggrin:
    At least that’s what I’m telling myself. :P
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  6. It’s the blue horizon. It’s quite vibrant in real life.

    Midnight blue is even darker in real life.
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  7. Did I read here that you can sync 2 watches with your iPhone? So I can wear a silicone one for casual and a Hermès one for dress/professional? This is news to me.
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  8. you can have two watches synced to one phone but why have 2 watches when you can just change the bands? I have an H watch and put sports bands on it for workouts and then change the band when I dress for the day.
  9. Yes, apple support says “multiple watches”. Switching bands is very easy, but for some like noegirl, getting a gold one and an H one would be easy, as you can simply switch between watches. I did that for a little while, using an older one for workouts, H for work, but switched to one only pretty quickly. HTH
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  10. Hello Everyone! I just ordered my first Apple Watch - the series 4 with fauve double tour from Was going to wait and get the indigo/craie version when back in stock but since I have a Gold B as well, decided to go for the fauve for now and purchase the double tour indigo/craie band later for variety. Very excited to receive and to join this club! Will post as soon as I have it in hand. Have a great rest of week all!
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  11. Does anyone know if the Hermes Series 4 comes with all the color block faces? I want to buy the watch in pink, but it's not available until Nov. 14 where I am and I have NO patience. I can buy a blue double-tour and then buy the pink double tour later...IF the watch comes with all the color-block Hermes faces.
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  12. I have the series 3. Do you think it’s worth upgrading to the 4 considering you don’t get much in trade in? Thanks.
  13. hi guys,

    I got my new series 4 with the pink/bordeaux single strap. No pics of all my bands because it's been cloudy and not great for photos but I will take one soon. Personally I have never loved the double tour straps but I know that's a big part of the reason to get the H version. I wear a mix of bracelets on my watch hand and find the single the right piece for stacking. If I'm wearing a double tour, I take off my daily bracelets.

    I have had all 4 watches since the release of the Hermes version, I think this watch is a great improvement. The face is noticeably larger without the watch feeling a lot bigger. I like that it's flatter in profile as well. I used it for 2 workouts yesterday and I think the heart rate monitor is better. I need to calibrate it for walking outside though.

    I have never traded in my watches, for some reason I have them all packed up in their original boxes. Maybe I'll give them away at some point or just keep them as some weird collection and sell them someday to people who like to buy MacBooks from 2006 :P

    Having had all of them, I do think this watch is worth the upgrade but I'm hoping that just like my iPhone X from last year, I don't feel the need for next year's model. I can skip this year's phones so finger's crossed the next watch change isn't major.
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    Yes, all H watches comes with all H faces. There is actually also a half pink half orange face as well.

  15. Thank you! Pulling the trigger.