Hermes Apple watch

Sep 2, 2006
I love it!! I won't be buying one, though. Already have enough technology without putting more on my wrist. I'd never get a break!
Dec 21, 2007
Apple announces partnership with Hermes for the Watch

Aha. Apple’s senior vice president of Operations, Jeff Williams, announces from the stage that Apple has paired with Hermes to release new Watches — perhaps helping launch Apple into that fashion echelon that it seems to want to hit with the Watch.
A quick video shows Watches with leather bands. Williams also says Apple will start offering Gold and Rose Gold in anodized aluminum — for the Sport version. That means that if you want that expensive look at a cheaper price, you can have it.
Watch OS2 goes live Sept. 16. The new finishes are on sale today.


Sep 2, 2006
It's a good fit, and in keeping with what Hermes has done with other brands. Their Leica partnership created some very covet-worthy cameras!
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May 27, 2007
I must be losing my mind when I see the price tag and think, "That's really cheap for an Hermes watch!" I was avoiding getting an Apple Watch for the same reason as Hermes Nuttynut, but I might have to spring for one of these.