Hermes Apple watch

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  1. Thanks for your input!
  2. Hi a crowcounted - only the watch square! I’ve collected so many extra chargers from trade ins over the years I always have exras around which is nice. Bands of course are yours! And I believe if you live near an Apple store, you can trade it in towards a new watch there, or just give back for a gift card. I live near several stores, I take some devices in when buying a new device in store, others I do through Apple Brightstar recycling by mail. They will even send you the box and labels. Search for recycling on Apple website and they take you through it. I know I could get more $$ in other ways, but it’s easy, and the useable stuff gets refurbished and sold for more use. HTH!
  3. Exactly what I did Purdue1988! Drat them for continuing to improve :biggrin::biggrin:
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  4. It looks like if I want one, I’ll have to wait. They’re all out of stock.
  5. Yes, however, some flagship Apple stores have a few still and your H SA may also have some stock. Also, like everything else H, they've been popping up on the website randomly so keep your eyes peeled.
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  6. Love love love MS013
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  7. There is an indigo DT or Fave Barenia DT 40 on the H website right now. The pink straps are gone, except it appears some Apple Stores might have the single tour pink 40.
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  8. I just ordered the single tour 40 pink from Hermes. Since I didn’t get it from Apple, where can I sell my old one that doesn’t require you to send the strap? Thanks
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  9. Some gorgeous fauve barenia cuff from Hermès S0.

    585238E7-FE4B-4605-977E-E22992975F81.jpeg C06C0D1A-E0B4-4A14-8755-9B3E3984EA07.jpeg
  10. Happy Friday Friends! My watch is here and absolutely gorgeous! I really love her and have been playing with her since she arrived. I have small wrists so the DT fits nicely with some room to spare. Hope these pictures help those that are still on the fence.
    IMG_3623.JPG IMG_3630.JPG IMG_3629.JPG Don't wait, go for it! :heart::love::hbeat::yahoo::happydance::heart:
  11. Wow wow wow! Looks gorgeous on you! So glad you got her and it fits so well. Congratulations!:smile::heart:
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  12. Thank you so much, DrTr! I'm so happy I got her too. :giggle: Not one regret. The breathe app is one of my favorites so far :smile:...thank you again! :hbeat:
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  13. Hi DrTr- I ended up ordering the pink 40 single tour from Hermes. Do you know of a way I can sell my old one without the strap? Thanks.
  14. I don't know where you're located, but here in the UK you can trade in directly to Apple with just the watch square itself, no straps or chargers. If you go tot he apple site in your country and search for recycling, hopefully this will show up.

    I got £45 for my Series 0 with an almost dead battery and a faulty wrist sensor, far more than it was technically worth! Just note that you get the trade in value as Apple gift vouchers that can only be used in store, not on iTunes etc. They will even mail out the box to send it back in, so it's really easy.