Hermes Apple watch

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  1. Yay MarvelGirl! Bet you will love it, the watch has grown indispensable for me, fauve is gorgeous and should look fab with your gold B!! Can’t wait to see it!
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  2. Found this on instagram. The possibilities are endless!

  3. DrTr! Thank you so much for your kind post! :hugs:I pray that I will love it as much as you love yours and find it hard to live without too. And yes, I have always been drawn to the elegant and classic H look of the fauve barenia double tour so am feeling pretty comfy with my choice. The fact that it should go well with my gold B is another huge perk too. :yahoo: I will definitely share when it arrives. I just received the shipping confirmation from and it is scheduled for Friday! :nuts: Thank you again!
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  4. Wearing my favorite black box band with some bracelets. I tried the colorful faces but they are too much for me

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  5. Yay! Friday is almost here. Can’t wait to see mod pics!! :nuts::smile:
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  6. What a gorgeous stack, and the black box band on your watch is beautiful. Looks great on you.
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  7. Thanks zzzman, what a great post with so many looks possible! Can’t wait for my watch to arrive to start playing!
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  8. Bump- anybody?
  9. Yes I do! It’s a larger screen and slimmer profile plus you get the cool color black faces.
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  10. Thanks for your input!
  11. Hi Babsiegirl sorry we missed you, yes, I too think it’s worth it. I have a series 3 but watching the film and looking at specs, all the extra complications, the slimmer form and of course the new color faces, I decided yes totally worth it. It’s also supposed to run faster etc. Now if they’d just ship the darn thing! I’m trading in my old one when new one arrives, $250 trade, no not lots, but it’s something. Maybe another new band :cool::biggrin: HTH.
  12. Thank you! I will order the the blue horizon then.
  13. When you do the trade you have to send back the bands and charger too, or just the watch square itself?
  14. Yes I do. I bought the series 1, skipped 2 and bought series 3 last year thinking I’ll get one every other year. But the series 4 has new features that I like including the heart monitoring. I also like that it’s thinner and lay flatter on the arm. I do like to change bands for different looks depending on my daily activities, and I think the series 4 will allow many more varieties in looks than the previous Hermes Apple Watch series.
  15. Thanks for getting back to me!
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