HELP! YSL wallet on chain or Chanel wallet on chain?

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  1. I had the same dilemma, but ultimately went with the YSL. I actually got mine in black with silver hardware, which I liked more than the gold. My reasons:

    1) Color - It's almost impossible to find a WoC in a classic color without a long waitlist, and for that much money, I couldn't really commit to shelling over for a fashion/trendy color.

    2) Price - I actually lucked out and got my YSL for about $150 cheaper because it scanned up at a lower cost, so NM had to honor it. Either way, it's $600 cheaper than the WoC here in the US.

    3) Size - I generally like to carry a bit more with me, so with the WOC, my iPhone would've filled the whole space. With the YSL, I still have a little bit of room to throw in a lipstick, compact etc.

  2. I totally agree. Can you post a pic of your YSL and what you can fit in it please?
  3. Id love to see modelling shots!
  4. I'm also wondering if you can wear this bag cross body? Because it looks like you can extend the chain...
  5. Here's some :smile:


    The photo quality is horrible, but gives you an idea what it looks like on someone 161cm tall (short). I love how versatile it is, it's a great addition to almost every outfit I can think of.

  6. It's beautiful! Congratulations!

  7. It's lovely! Thanks aleksandras!

    I think I'm going to go for this one rather than the Chanel because it's cheaper and still very chic!
  8. Looks really good on you :smile: love your dress!
  9. Do you think it's too big to be used as a wallet in a bag. It looks to be the perfect bag for when i go to lunch or after work just take it out of my work bag and add a couple of things inside and I'm good to go
  10. I think it might be a bit big to be used as a wallet in a bag...
  11. I haven't used it as a wallet inside a bag, but why not? It's quite big to carry around as a wallet but then again it does fit very nicely in my Balenciaga City with my other essentials. :smile: I haven't even detached the chain yet, I'm still babying the bag and I'm terrified I'll brake it somehow... :biggrin:
  12. Well I tend to carry quite a large bag for work so I think it would fit
  13. Soooo I'm looking on Selfridges and Harrods's website and it turns out that the bag is sold out!! [emoji53]
  14. It shows to be in stock on the Selfridges site for me, although poudre and white have sold out! I'd really like this bag in red.
  15. Yeah the poudre is the one I want! :sad:
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