HELP! YSL wallet on chain or Chanel wallet on chain?

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  1. Ooo I saw the youtube video and it looks quite spacious
  2. Here's mine :amuse:
    I don't have any decent mod pics with it yet, I've only had it for two weeks or so. LV Favorite was (and still is) one of my options as well. But as you said, they're totally different styles so I think I need them both in my life :lol:

  3. its beautiful! Congrats!:smile::smile::smile:
  4. Gorgeous!! I've been thinking about getting myself one of these, but I can't decide between the nude and fuchsia. I feel like the nude would go with many outfits, but my mother always tells me I'm too safe when it comes to the color of my handbags. :lol: Decisions, decisions! :sweatdrop:

  5. AHHH so pretty! [emoji7] I'm 90% sure I'm going to get it!

  6. Ooh tough decision! Do you have other nude bags already?
  7. Surprisingly, I don't. I think it would be a great piece to have though. I think I'm going to go with the nude too! ;)
  8. Ooo this bag looks increasingly popular!

  9. Yay! I went through my bag collection last night and found that I had too many black and greys. Time to switch it up!

  10. :smile: I just fell in love with it when I saw it in Harrods. Doesn't hurt that it's bigger and cheaper than the Chanel WOC!
  11. It looks gorgeous but I'm trying to decide between this and the Louis Vuitton favorite mm

  12. Ahh good luck! Which one are you swaying more to?
  13. Both! haha which is why its so difficult for me to decide!

  14. Oh no! Difficult decision! Just think about which one you think you'll use more and which one you really can't stop thinking about
  15. I think il prefer this YSL a little but more than the favorite but dont know which one il use the most...
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