HELP! YSL wallet on chain or Chanel wallet on chain?

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  1. so cute!
    When I first read this OP I thought you were talking about the Saint Laurent Monogram Small Chain Bag ($1750 Saks). Now I saw your pictures, I think I like the chevron pattern better.
    There is also the Monogram one with the chain tassel in the front.

    Anyway CONGRATS
  2. I clicked this thread because I just bought the black/black version and was having a bit of buyer's remorse as well...! I had to replace my Chanel WOC, but after reading these posts I'm feeling better. I think you and I will both love our YSL! :biggrin:

  3. Ahhh I was really debating whether to get the WOC but I just couldn't justify the price! What happened to your WOC btw?
  4. Ahhhh I want this now! I've never owned a Saint Laurent bag and I love the chevron quilts!
  5. Do you know if poudre is the same as "nude" on the Saks website?
  6. Do you find the color too light? Is it easy to match clothing? I already have a white chanel flap but something about the chevron quilting is calling to me!!

  7. Hi Bee-licious, the nude on the Saks website looks more white to me. Try the YSL website and compare.

    I don't find the color too light, I think it's a versatile colour to go with anything! I love Chanel but I think their prices are ridiculous now!
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1433930249.884202.jpg thought I post a size comparison !

  9. So so so beautiful :heart: :heart: :heart: Thanks for sharing!
  10. Gorgeous bags! Thank you so much for sharing :biggrin:.
  11. I was planning to buy the red YSL wallet on chain, but it's now sold out on the Selfridges site and I keep having issues on :tdown:

  12. Oh no! Keep trying the YSL website. Hope you get it soon!
  13. Thanks for letting me know! I think you're right, the nude does look more white
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