HELP! YSL wallet on chain or Chanel wallet on chain?

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  1. I own both of the YSL woc sizes and like the "yellowness" of the GHW because it's the closest color to my gold accessories and I find bit more classier (disclaimer: not a SHW person). The smaller woc has a longer chain with a leather strap whereas the bigger one it's just the chain. I've own both a couple years now, and have worn the smaller one a lot more, but have recently been reaching for the larger one. I think it comes down to preferences. Side note: YSL have a new bag size this season as well, with a medium envelope bag that looks fabulous and not so big as the large envelope chain bag.
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  2. Chanel WOC! it'll keep its value or go up too. I would've gotten it over my YSL if the strap wasn't so long
  3. I am new to YsL, are u able to take off the chain completely or it hides in the wallet? For the record I am leaving LV, I feel it's too much money for canvas plus I feel like everyone has LV these days...
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  4. I had the Saint Laurent chevron WOC, and yes, mine had little holes where you could detach chain and use it as a clutch. The one that is $1550. I upgraded to the "Kate". Love Saint Laurent and it's quality! I tired of LV too several years ago.:smile:
  5. What about a purse is there maybe a hobo styled one?
  6. I have the YSL wallet on a chain with silver hardware and i love it! The chain feels amazing and the bag isn't super delicate so i don't feel like I have to overly baby it.
  7. I really wonder why the strap is so short at the woc ?? 48 cm ? what the hell??
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