Gucci chat thread! (Round 2!!!)

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  1. Aw shucks papertiger….
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  2. Hi
    I‘ll be at vacation in Florence
    There‘s the biggest european Gucci Outlet near by
    It‘s called The Mall
    I‘m excited☺️
  3. 92046416-5159-493E-8B3E-0BC480E9564D.jpeg I am wondering, if i wait a couple of months on this bag, if it will still be around? Does anyone know if its a faurly new style, or if its been around for a bit? Thanks so much :smile:
  4. Been around a while. A top handle version was posted in the outlet thread and I believe I saw a red/pink version (was it all leather?) at outlet. No way to know how long it will be available. Good luck.
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  5. Thank u:smile:
  6. It was designed in Frida's time but marketed and sold in Alessandro's. Variations of the Padlock come and go but buy this now if you like it coz it's been around for almost 5 years.
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  7. Thank u for this update and suggestion :tup:
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  8. I love this. No joke. What are your opinions?? I thought I saw it in red/maroon on the runway but I don't see it on the website. 590051_3HI46_9775_001_100_0000_Light-Felt-hat-with-transparent-visor.jpg
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  9. HOT !
  10. So, I was loving my new Dionysus mini but thought it sat at an odd length when cross body. I've tucked the chain under the flap and it sits at a much nicer length now! Just a little tip for anyone with the same bag :biggrin:

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  11. The website is like a store, they only order certain items. Call your nearest standalone Gucci store and if they don't have one ask them to do a search and if poss do a transfer.

    Personally, I absolutely love it. A kind of 21 Century update on the Courrege space/mod thing of the mid 1960s. You may only where it once in a while but on other days you can stare at it and exhibit it in your living room.
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  12. Hello can someone help me!!! I want to know first of all how big the supreme key case/pouch really is because online it says 12cm but when I’ve seen videos it looks smaller than that. I also want to know if I could fit the 10cm supreme bee card holder in there. Thank you!!
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  13. I was going to buy a supreme pouch and noticed there is a warning in the description about exposure to chemicals . Is this from the canvas?
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  14. Good question, I purchased the Gucci Supreme Patch Tote and Gucci Supreme Patch Portfolio from Gucci Fifth Avenue, NYC and there was the same warning, I noticed it from the website the day before I went to purchase in the city. The warning was for California residents... I'm in New Jersey and totally ignored it because I was so enamored over the item(s) and I am not in California. So you do raise a great question... I think I will call Gucci on Monday to ask... unless one of our wonderful TPF-ers can answer this question before then.
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  15. Thanks for the response! I’m not in California either but would think the product would have this issue regardless of the state your in. I am guessing it is stating California because they must have some law regarding stating it. Please let me know what you find out..thanks!!!
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