Gucci chat thread! (Round 2!!!)

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  1. Continue!!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  2. Does anyone know what the style/model number for the black guccissima medium pelham bag should be? (with the double braided straps) I am looking at purchasing and need the correct numbers so I can double check the hang tag. They have provided receipt too if that helps do anything? Please help!
  3. Suzzeee, PM me if you're going to the Vacaville outlet on Memorial Day! dusty paws and I will be there. I saw that you posted all the loot they got in -- I am thrilled! Yessica said they didn't have anything good but I guess that just changed!
  4. Thank you :sunshine:
  5. Hey Lori - I'm running up quickly tomorrow - don't think I'll have time for lunch as I promised DH I'd go to the movies with him and I've sort of been doing stuff with my friends the last couple of days;) I'll PM you.

    FYI - Yessie just told me that the new stuff I posted is for pre-sale and can be picked up on June 1st.
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    Does anyone know what the black sewn in cloth tag is for? Mine has numbers and bar code looking thing with GUCCI in white letters on a black cloth tag? I am NOT referring to the hang tag with seriel number. Its inside a Pelham Medium Braided double strap bag. Does this mean its fake? Help!
  7. wow on to chat thread #2! hope everyone's having a great memorial day wkend!
  8. :sad: Hi ladies, I've been searching high & low for this bag at my local Gucci stores but it is sold out everywhere. I do not know the serial number for it. I saw the larger size before and shud hv bought it when i had the chance. It is without the long strap though. Anybody can help?!
    It is the exact same colour except its the bigger size and is without the shoulder strap. This pic is taken from Saks website.
  9. By the way, I'm in Singapore & would love to buy the Gucci bag which is found in the USA Gucci sale stores. I'd appreciate it if anyone can assist me to purchase it and ship to me. ;)
  10. we're not allowed to do that. your best bet is to call US Gucci boutiques or Saks itself and ask them to ship it to you. I'm not sure if they ship internationally though... maybe someone here knows?
  11. hn_tee, Saks do ship internationally and singapore is one of the places they ship to :biggrin:.
  12. Hi Papertiger, I know that Saks ships internationally but they do not have the bigger boston that I'm looking for.

    Ang2383, thanks will call the US outlet that may have what I want.
  13. Hi Ladies,

    I was wondering how I can get the prices on the bags posted in the outlet deals section. I tried to hover over the pics but I must've been doing something wrong because no prices showed up. Help anyone?...thnx
  14. Hello ladies,

    If anyone come across the techno tag boston bag with the neoprene material in cement/gray color, please let me know. When i called Yessica in Yacaville they were already sold out.
  15. No, it's not fake. My hearts Boston has the same thing. I don't know why it's there, but don't worry.