Gucci chat thread! (Round 2!!!)

  1. There were shoes at the Vacaville outlet but nothing that thrilled me. They had some boots that I bought months ago from the last sale. But I don't know what they put out on the floor (if anything) today.
  2. ^^ Thank you Lori!
  3. Wowzers! We're in round 2!! I missed all the chatter over the last 4 days. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did!!! DH and I celebrated our b-days over the weekend and we had some guests stay over for 3 days. No one wanted to go home. It was the never-ending party. Good times for sure!
  4. happy belated flip! =)

    my bf and i are celebrating our 7 year anniversary this wkend!
  5. HELLO,

    I am currently tryin to find where to purchase a Gucci Hysteria Clutch in beige/Eony...PLEASE HELLLP!:biggrin:
  6. :smile:Hi, does anyone know when Gucci will have new Boston styles? Thanx!
  7. Were you looking for this particular clutch style?


    If so, I believe that the clutch is all sold now at both the Gucci boutiques and outlets. It's really a great clutch and I so wish that I'd have gotten both the blue crystal GG and black patent leather versions as well. I've seen the clutch show up on eBay at times.
  8. I really love this for some odd reason, Yessica has one for me at the Vacaville outlet.

  9. Thanks ang! Congrats on your anniversary!
  10. PT: Thanks for the photo of the new Gucci Boston that will launch soon in the US. I have a question what is the name of the new bags? Thanx!:smile:
  11. Wishing you and your DH belated Birthday greetings, Flipchickmc. It sounds like you had a great birthday weekend and celebration!

    Happy Anniversary, Ang2383! Best wishes for many more wonderful years to be spent alongside your BF :biggrin:
  12. New bags on outlet thread!
  13. Happy belated birthday, Flipchickmc! And a very happy seven year anniversary, Ang2383!

    ARGH, why does the Boule bag on the outlet thread have to cost so much? I know it is a good price compared to the original, but I don't want to spend over 1K on a bag right now, since I am planning some vacations right now. AND that cobalt blue bag....ugh, ugh, ugh.

    However, I ended up buying NOTHING from the sale, which I have some saved funds for...:graucho:
  14. Yup, I would snatch up that Cobalt Blue Guccissima Techno Boston in a heartbeat but I'm saving up. Hope someone here gets it!
  15. ^^ actually, what you are saving for may be something I like a LOT myself :biggrin: