Gucci chat thread! (Round 2!!!)

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  2. I really just wanted to know if the numbers font looks that way on shoes. Is it different than don’t on handbags? But I can get more pics if that help
  3. Sorry didn’t mean to post again & cant figure out how to delete it lol
  4. I'm afraid we don't give out such information, apologies
  5. Let me know if you would like and have time to join the authenticator team for shoes, we'd be glad as we don't currently have a shoe person. We don't get many shoes but we do get some. DM me for details.

    However, these requests must be posted on the AT Gucci thread and even then we don't give out info that helps the 'baddies' (plenty 'guests' trawl these forums) we just say yay or nay..
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    I’ve been a member for over 10 years I know about the authenticity thread. It is posted in the aunthenticate thread. In the meantime while waiting for that I was simply asking if anyone else knew if the numbers on shoes were different than they are in handbags. I was not asking for authentication here. Just a question to see if anyone knew the answer. There is nothing wrong with someone who knows the answer giving someone else the answer as to whether the font size/style is different on shoes & isn’t going to affect how the “baddies” do things. Goodness I’m not asking anyone to tell me how to do it. It really isn’t that big of a deal for someone else to help someone out since you say you don’t have a shoe authenticator
  7. We never give hints on what is authentic and what isn’t. Otherwise
    we never give “hints” on what’s authentic or how to tell what’s authentic. That’s always been the case on here. That’s why there’s the authentication thread. There’s the obvious reason why mods don’t want people giving out these types of tips. Right or wrong, that’s the way it is. @papertiger is a mod and an authenticator. Good luck with your shoes. Hope it works out.
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  8. Sounds good.
  9. Bags have such a variety of uses. :P
    dog nails.jpg
  10. Wow, PT, didn't know that Paolo came up with the GG. I thought he just stole it. Is this before all the Gucci Plus mess?? You are amazing, PT, and always seem to educate me!!!
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  11. That's great. Has to be done. I think this must take some of the stress out of trying to get the paw the right way while the darling is panicking :tup:
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  12. It was Paolo who came up with it but when he worked for his family's business under the name ' Gucci' so technically he did steal it when he began to manufacture some purses behind their back in non-affiliated factories. There were always some fights within the family but when the rest of his family found out his job was basically severed even though he had shares in the company and had Benn working with Gucci all his working life. In the settlement he was not allowed to use ' Gucci' but only Gucci Plus, later this was also challenged and he was only allowed to use his full name Paolo Gucci. This is why it's all a very grey area and also strange that under Frida the signature monogram was called Gucci Plus (also complicating the story further). The full story of those tempestuous years is in the book Gucci Wars written by by Paolo's ex wife.
  13. Hi there ladies! I want to ask if the Gucci Marmont Velvet in Rubin is a permanent? I am really anxious to buy one seeing that it is available but my wallet says wait for a while...
  14. I decided on the Gucci Marmont wallet in chocolate brown. It is more subtle than the Gucci GG Supreme Night Courier long wallet, Also I already have the Gucci GG Supreme Courier portfolio, and the Gucci GG Supreme Courier Tote Bag. Also, the price was $550, a little less than the $730 plus tax, and finally, I didn't have a brown long wallet. I own too many black long wallets, i.e. Thom Browne, LV epi, etc.... wanted to switch it up a bit.
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    These are not legit. They are cute though.