Girls Get The Anime Look With Extra-wide Contact Lenses

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  1. MissTiss, I :love: Asian culture too! Both pop and historical! I love watching asian dramas, anime (:shame:smile:, keeping up with their cute fashion, listening to c-pop/j-pop/k-pop music, etc. :lol:
  2. I think they're a little creppy for everyday use, but would be fun or halloween!
  3. Wow. I don't know what to make of these lol.
  4. those are very interesting. i think they'd look cute!
  5. Those are cute! I'd only wear them on halloween & other dress up occasions though!
  6. Woah. lol Freaky, but they do work. That girl in the pic looks just like an anime character.

    I naturally have very big eyes, but I wear glasses/contacts because of my vision. A number of times, I've been asked by complete strangers (all asian girls) if I wear contacts. I've always wondered how they can tell I wear contacts and why they even care in the first place. Maybe they meant these?
  7. LOL this is quite funny! I especially like the part about human eyeballs can't be physically enlarged.
  8. Little creepy but cool for Halloween or something
  9. theyre called circle lenses... and they are not that good for your eyes as the oxygen permeability is less.

    and imo they make people with small eyes look like aliens... you kind of need average sized eyes (or large eyes) for them to look more normal. and even then, i think they would make me look bug eyed.
  10. yeah that's what they must have meant ;)
  11. Ok I just googled circle lenses and Ulzzang kept coming up. So then I googled Ulzzang and WOW! How interesting! I ended up all over the place.

    Did you know there is double eyelid glue? I didn't. It's part of thie Ulzzang look. I'm enthralled...
  12. [​IMG]

    Ulzzang means "best face" in Korean. And it seems to be a popular internet phenomenon. I even found some Youtube videos on it. Cooool.

    How fun. I love learning new things...
  13. I want a green pair!!!!!!