Girls Get The Anime Look With Extra-wide Contact Lenses

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  1. Girls Get The Anime Look With Extra-wide Contact Lenses

  2. ^^ that's so funny i was just looking at these yesterday. they're a no-go for me but still pretty cool :P
  3. jc where did you see theM ??Id love a pair for halloween!!
  4. They're cute! I don't know if I'd actually wear them myself.. They remind me of puppy eyes. haha
  5. Hey isn't this from that big long list of things Asians like?? I think it is...well I read that one a few days ago actually. Lol.

    My mom's friend wears these (she's in Asia) and they make her eyes a lot bigger.
  6. lol those are cool i want a pair for halloween
  7. They're actually cute in an offbeat sort of way. I've always loved anime/manga, so maybe I am somewhat conditioned to associate big eyes with cuteness.
  8. they're cute in a way but so not for me.
  9. their kinda cool i wanna try a pair lol

    but i have really tiny tiny tiny eyes ..
  10. Seems like these things would irritate your eyes...
  11. I find these terribly creepy, a lot of girls in my school wear them.. after seeing too many girls with them they start to get on your nerves. That girl modelling them in the picture... in China she's known as the "Queen of Photoshop".

    I believe there are facebook groups selling these.. they're known to be terrible for your eyes though.
  12. Ooh, are these really bad or irritating for your eyes? Idk, to me they don't look right on girls IRL.
  13. Weird haha! I think they'd be great for a costume but just strange and unnecessary on a day to day basis.
  14. ^ i know

    but would be awesome for halloween. i wanted to be rainbow brite this year, omg i want these.