Girls Get The Anime Look With Extra-wide Contact Lenses

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  1. creepy-looking... save your money.
  2. I never knew there was such a thing!
  3. they're supposed to be very bad for you eyes.... even worse than soft contact lenses.
  4. It's kinda cool, but not for me. They look like doll's eyes.
  5. I find these very strange looking, they remind of how my eyes look when my optometrist dilates them (which I find to be creepy looking, my dh doesn't even want to look at me when my eyes are dilated). I've worn contacts for 15 years and I don't think I would ever want to put something in my eye if it wasn't serving a functional purpose.
  6. wow those are crazy looking! I can't decide if they are cute or weird....probably the latter :biggrin:
  7. I agree.

    my cousin has these and ya, they do look good on her (and SOME people), but people should always consider their upkeep which is immense... cuz you can't just have a pair of bug-eyes, you gotta do the WHOLE thing, ie super styled hair, heavy makeup, clothing...etc. My cousin doesn't work... and has a "generous bf".... so everyday she takes 2 hours ++++ to get ready...
    The "anime girl come to life" is not my style even though I used to love anime...

    Also, even if you can keep up with all this self-maintenance, your eyes will not look cutsey-anime-like at all if you have the average typical asian eyes. Most of these girls who wear them have HUGE eyes (imo, most of them have obviously been under the knife), so if you're not ready for plastic surgery or haven't had your eyes done already, then forget these cool contacts.
  8. This is interesting.

    I have large eyes, or rather large eyeballs but small irises (beady looking, ugh). I might like to try the Dueba grey ones --- the color is closest to the perimeter of the lenses, there would be no blocking of vision.
  9. they're cute but would make me look like a Blythe doll!
  10. They're gluing or taping their eyelids. It's temporary. I youtube searched it. Pretty neat. Search Ulzzang.[​IMG]
  11. These are cool!!
  12. they're not circle lenses, they're colour contacts :huh:

    one of my friends has them and once when i was kinda closely looking at them it looked realllly fake like it was made off a 1980's computer printer, and often they go off center which makes her look like she has lazy eye lol
  13. colored contacts are really uncomfortable...i tried them once and i couldn't see properly because of the colored rim. :tdown:
  14. They (The style) are referred to as circle lenses.
  15. i think they feel a bit uncomfortable when you first put them on and they are bad for your eyes but a lot of asians uses it.