Girls Get The Anime Look With Extra-wide Contact Lenses

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  1. Fascinating. I'm on Youtube watching people create a double eyelid with that glue.
  2. ^^^ Being a major Japanophile, I am very familiar with double eyelid glue. I've seen the demos of applying it. The part where the girl takes the Y-shaped stick thingy and uses it to push the eyelid up freaks me out. My eyes tear up big time if I accidently jab myself with a mascara wand. I don't think I could cope with a little plastic stick jabbing around my eye area.
  3. Looks like something fun to try for a lark.
  4. These contacts are pretty popular here where i live.. but the people are not as extreme as the pictures some members have posted.. most of the people i see wear natural colour ones just to enhance their own eyes.. i have never met anyone with green ones before.. i want to try them as well but a bit skeptical about problems it may cause.. but normal coloured contacts are probably just as dangerous..
  5. Cool! It looks a little creepy though, like doll eyes.
  6. Thanks jc & jux :ty:
  7. ^^^ your welcome! I mostly wear Angel Brown, its a little more natural looking (since I have brown eyes anyways) but really give you that "pop". I like to wear them when I am to lazy to put on eyeshadows...all that is needed is some false lashes and your good to go... Me and my friends are going to be Harajuku girls this year for Halloween so these lens are going to be perfect to put the whole look together...

    So far, is reasonably priced and their service are pretty good. My friends and I buy all our lenses from there....

    The lens doesnt bother or irritates just gotta take care of it and follow the same procedures as you would with any traditional soft contact lens....

    oh...the Geo lens last for a whole year and the ColouVUE lens last for 3 months (with proper care of course).
  8. Scary! To get that complete anime look, they'd have to dye their hair a bright color and gel it into giant spikes!
  9. These are GORGEOUS!! They look so fun. Great for Halloween. I have never worn contacts and would be afraid to try them. But, wow these are super cute and look Fabulous
  10. My sis wears them, they make you look bug-eyed. From far away they look cool up
  11. They are sooo cute.
  12. i've been wanting to try a pair of circle lenses for years, but i keep hearing about all the potential hazards and what not. :sweatdrop:

    these are so popular in asia after the net idols started using them @_@ i heard there were tons of street vendors that are selling ones that are dangerous to use!
  13. Oh I totally want some. Sadly, my eyes are not a good match for any contact lenses, nor is my budget a good match for buying any.
  14. I didnt look at the original link but there is Freshkon Alluring Eyes, Acuvue Define, Clearvue Big Eyes2 or Big Eyes Natural to name a few types/brands.
  15. Not for me as my eyes are really big as it But they are sort of cute~~ :biggrin: