Girls Get The Anime Look With Extra-wide Contact Lenses

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  1. hmmm....maybe when i have some extra free time i can take a before and after photo of me wearing the contact lens for youguys....hehe...
  2. cool..i would try these except i wear rx ones!

  3. they also comes with prescriptions:yes:
  4. Thats pretty cool, my friend ann loves anime, she'd love a pair lol
  5. How funny! A long long time ago I had some coloured contact lenses, and found that the 'brown' of my eyes kept showing, this would help :P Haha! The girls must look freeky IRL...
  6. My coworker wears these big eyes contact lenses and they look freaky. She's a really pretty girl but everyone has been telling her that her eyes look really freaky and that she looks like she's tripping on acid.
  7. Woah, in Asia, this cost so much lesser! Like about $30 per pair?
  8. actually, because asian naturally have smaller eyes, it looks alright on us. :smile:
  9. I love the uljjang look. But some people's eyes look like they are on speed with those lenses...
  10. haha i dont even know what to say about these. i mean, cute idea but having bigger eyes must make you look like your on drugs in real life... it'd be ok for a halloween costume but outside of that, i'd pass.
  11. I think they look cute! But I wear regular contacts and my contacts have a specific size to them. When I go to the eye doctor every year, they measure my eyes. So I would be worried these contacts would be too big or too small, which could potentially hurt your eyes. :shrugs:
  12. Very unique!
  13. I'd love to see a pic of a white girl with these. They would great for Halloween... where can I get them in-store?
  14. I've seen a couple of my cousins friends with these and they look really bizarre.It just does not look natural however everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  15. I dunno but I think it is strange to make your eyes look like a cartoon's.

    I guess if you were dressing up as an anime character for Halloween this would add to the look of your costume.

    Other than that, I don't really see the need or point of wanting to do this.