Fall 08 for Belen Echandia Lovers!!!

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  1. I'm guessing that the petrol and petrol glossy are the same thing. I have a petrol LM and it is a glossy leather. I am curious as to whether or not the WTM is divided into 3 compartments or open. Judging from the depth, it's probably open.

    I wonder if the messenger strap will be wide like the ones we all know on our Lms.
  2. The petrol (on my work monitor) looks like a blue that Choo did in the Mahala I swear...which I loved. it doesn't look like petrol anymore to me. Anyone else? My monitor might be crap here tho lol.
  3. Thanks so much paintednightsky for sharing your personal experience with the "crash" leather. I love the idea of no or low maintenance leather! I will treat it to ensure it is waterproof, although I don't want leather I have to coddle or worry about.
  4. He actually told me a few weeks back that the Purple crash would be a good choice for Vikings Day. A bag just for football.....thank god Jackie made this color or no bag for me! After these bag purchases I will unfortunatley be be on a bag ban but I will just watch Lovebags2 add to her collection;)!
  5. I am pretty new here been lurking for a bit but the HUG ME is so awesome I just want to scoop it up and hug it! I actually wish it came in red.
  6. ^^
    I agree that a red crash would be beautiful!!

    I have got to stop looking at these bags and go to bed. The more I look at them, the more I want them all. Good night everyone :smile:
  7. Oh yes, that's right ~ I recall the Vikings sports jersey!! Your bag and your DH's jersey will look quite fashionable AND sporty!!! :tup:
  8. I was thinking this same exact thing when I was viewing the new fall collection -- that the Make Me Smile would be quite smashing in a bold red crash!! :yes:

    Good night!
  9. oh man...I agree with kings_20, I need to stop looking at these bags and go to bed. Good Night!
  10. More excellent questions. I'm thinking the WTM will not be divided into compartments, as the description does not mention any, although it mentions pockets that sound comparable to the interior of the IYT and IY.
  11. Good night savvy23!
  12. Night all! I still am at work for 2 hours...with nothing to do but spend money in my head that I don't have LOL!
  13. You are too too funny!

    I'm coming up on a really significant birthday in July, which is how I will justify this order to DH (he doesn't know yet...thank goodness he is away on business! :rolleyes:). I will inform him what he is getting me for this b-day; so, he ought to feel quite relieved about not having to figure out what to get me...all he has to do is produce the cash! :P
  14. In reviewing the leather offerings for Fall, I realized that although I love the way the crash leathers look in the samples, I am still too chicken to order a new crash color (purple, chocolate, the pewter). There are not a lot of matte leather offerings....I think I could do the glossies, but the Hug Me style only comes in the chocolate matte and black glossy. Black glossy looks great, but I have a Hayden Harnett Triple C that has the same profile in vintage black....maybe the chocolate? (Of course, I have a Botkier Bryant Shoulder that I bought in choco too...).

    I think I'm paralyzed by too many choices!
  15. I think I'll be getting the "Hug Me" in black glossy or plum crash


    The "Take Me Everywhere" (midi or reg) in Chocolate Crash

    I need a drink!!!!