Fall 08 for Belen Echandia Lovers!!!

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  1. I got this email from Jackie while I was at a wedding (checked the Blackberry) and just about fell over!

    I love the HUG ME! The black glossy is just gorgerous. I just ordered an RM Nikki in Night and now I am double thinking the purchase. The make me smile is *hot* in Purple Crash and congrats *Iccsue* on your purchase!

    Two favorites---HUG ME because it MAKES ME SMILE!

    lovebags2, you must have died when you saw the bags!

  2. No, I emailed her asking about that too, I wondered if there was a full sized Make Me Smile LOL!
  3. Let me see if this works for another way to look a the fall 08 styles and colors:

    Attached Files:

  4. Thanks Chris, that was helpful!:rolleyes:
  5. BE Fall 08 continued:

    Attached Files:

  6. And finally:

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  7. thanks citychris, very nice of you!
  8. Chris you are brilliant! Thanks ever so much!
    Anything interest you...?

    Where is the weekender and the overnighter...????? Not on Jackie's tip sheet...
  9. The fall collection is gorgeous! I'm on a a ban after the the LM midi arrives, but I'll need to save up for fall. The Whisper To Me Midi has my name all over it:wlae: Do we have any idea what the strap lengths are on these bags?
  10. Oh.my.goodness!
    Im in trouble!! LOL
    I still want a wine bag...now add a purple crash, chocolate crash, petrol glossy, black glossy....sigh.

    Im liking the take me anywhere midi in petrol glossy (could be a great replacement for the Love me in petrol that I returned), whisper to me midi in purple crash, make me smile midi in chocolate crash and hug me in glossy black....no way I can get all those but I can dream about them lol
  11. Chris,
    Thankyou for posting those pics. Looks like it was a good thing I didn't find a TMA...I love the Whisper to Me! And the Take Me Everwhere...and the Hug Me...oh dear...
  12. I think a Hug Me in the matte chocolate will indeed be quite stunning ~ especially with silver hardware :drool: although, I placed my deposit on the Glossy Black instead.
  13. The Black Glossy appears to have a somewhat pebble-textured surface ~ can anyone confirm this?
  14. already, WOW! how much was the deposit and does anyone know delivery dates? :confused1:
  15. You are not alone ~ I did too in fabulous Purple Crash as well! :yahoo: