Fall 08 for Belen Echandia Lovers!!!

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  1. Just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!

    Lovebags, where are you??? What do you think???? Are you going to order??? I want one of everything!!! I wish we had modeling pix!!!
  2. Jackie emailed me to let everyone get a look and then you can get further info as they update their site. They are grogeous are they not? I think the colors beside each particular bag are the ones that she is going to order them to be made in. If you have another color in mind-email her. jackie@belenechandia.com She's wonderful about getting back to you!
  3. Thanks for sharing! I'm sooo excited. The purple crash is more beautiful then I thought. So now whats the diff between black crash and glossy?
  4. Hi Ladies, I"m here!! My hubby and I were out with the kids today, what a lovely suprise to return home!!!

    I'm thinking a hug me in matte chocolate might be very pretty. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts! Will I have to be the first one to review this style in this color? If I must, I just must!

    What do we think about Jackie's new dark grey glossy? I would love a BE in this, but what?
  5. Wanted to add she said all bags will have silver h/w. I'm kinda happy about that so I won't have to go out of my way to do special orders!
  6. I think the Hug Me in the black glossy is H*O*T! They are all so pretty....I like the dark grey glossy too, but I think the other colors may get ahold of me first!
  7. TropicalGal, what do you think of the Hug Me?

    I normally only wear shoulder bags, but, for a hand held, this style looks like it could be darling!

    Also, tell me your thoughts on the dark grey glossy. I'd love to hear your opinions on these!

    Actually, I want "everyones" insight!
  8. I think the Hug Me is fabulous and the style will last forever!

    But the Make Me Smile Midi made my heart skip a beat, AND when my husband uploaded the file for me, he even said "I know which bag you should get" and told me the Make Me Smile. SO. Not only do I love it, but it has full approval of the other spending half!

    The best part is that its a small deposit, and then I can save until July. That is soooo doable and enabling !
  9. Hi Audball, thanks for your input on the Hug Me!

    I agree, the black glossy does look nice for this style. Hmm..... I just adore Jackie's chocolate, that's my favorite and wine a close second.

    I can't wait to hear more feedback especially about the Hug Me.

    Crazy4, That's such a cute story about your husband, and the Make Me Smile!
  10. Thanks so much for the preview!! I am so in love with the Whisper to Me, TMA Midi and the Hug me. Actually I like the Make me Smile as well. Ack!! How am I going to decide? I am only allowing myself one fall BE, but now I have no clue which one. I do want the purple crash color though, I think...

    Actually I want them all, in every single color!! Must be rational... LOL
  11. Well, I jumped in with both feet and put down a deposit on a Make Me Smile Midi in Purple Crash. I am SOOOOO excited.

    I also love the Hug Me, it was such a hard decision but I am so wishy washy that I just went for my initial gut instinct.

    JNH14 - Thank you so much for posting the link!

    Anyone else put down a deposit?
  12. Congrats-I hope that you love the bag! I own two of the BE's and they are gorgeous!:rolleyes:
  13. MMM lccsue...good choice! The first one to take the plunge!

    I am torn, I adore the petrol glossy, but I would love it in the Make Me Smile...I am assuming that the colors on the right beside the style are the ones available in it?
  14. I am thinking that the whisper to me midi is my favorite. I love that it lays flat against your body. I am so excited but I can't put down a deposit for a while yet. When is the latest date we can place our deposits?
  15. Am I cracking up or is there no page for the Make Me Smile, but two pages for the Make Me Smile Midi (both pages with same bag dimensions)?

    I am the one always looking for bold colors but I definitely see a chocolate crash something in my future.