Fall 08 for Belen Echandia Lovers!!!

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  1. 180 for deposit but the bags are done in July. So very enabling LOL. Small deposit and lots of time to save till its done.

    ETA its on the website, look for the deposit link and theres the info.
  2. $180 deposit, and I think I read somewhere that delivery is anticipated sometime in July? Someone correct me if I am wrong.
  3. Exactly! I had to do some quick calculations before taking this plunge. :graucho:
  4. soo enabling......very bad. I want 2! Need to choose wisely....because I also still want to order an SM in Tan. Dang it!
  5. Does anyone think that the leather may be thinner since these are supposed a lot lighter than last season's models? I personally didn't find any BE bags to be heavy at all. I hope that the leather is still the same luscious leather we all know and love and not super thin.
  6. CityChris, you are a genius at this! Thanks for posting the pics.

    Argh! I almost wish I didn't order that LM Midi as now I'm really really wanting the Whisper To Me Midi in purple crash too. I like that it lays closer to the body.
  7. Are the crash leathers lighter/thinner than the normal? Is that why?

    I have too much time on my hands tonight...sitting at work (which is always so quiet at night) and I keep looking at the pics...and thinking...and drooling LOL...reading this thread....
  8. ^^
    The WTM Midi on purple crash is my first choice too!!

    ETA: Hmm, not sure if the crash leathers are lighter. Anyone know? Lovebags2, do you know?
  9. Excellent question ~ I'm guessing on the Whisper To Me models that they weigh less because their depth profile is much thinner than the other bags. The depth profile of the fall "midi" sizes are also thinner than the current models on the BE web site. There's one zipper on front compared to two as was the case on the older model IYT (the newer model IYT has a single zipper). The LM has two front zippers compared to these new fall styles with only one front zipper ~ this will save some weight with less hardware. The handles are also thinner on these fall bags and lack the additional piece of leather sewn around the top of the handles (e.g., BM, BMM, IYT, IY) ~ this too will shave off some weight.

    Anyone else have any ideas why these bags are lighter than before?
  10. Are the new bags smaller than the current line too?? I noticed that I could not compare the "Makes me smile" to the "MMS Midi". I am sure someone noticed this too!

    I believe though, I am going for Hug me in Black Glossy and Makes Me Smile in Purple Crash for my DH!
  11. I can't wait to see modeling pix...but I guess I will have to wait...until July when your bags are delivered. I really cannot judge the sizes at all from the measurements or the pictures...
  12. I would love the WTM Midi in Pewter or Purple Crash, although for me -- I think the Pewter is more versatile -- I placed a deposit on this too! :yahoo:

    After reading numerous posts, I was under the distinct impression that the "crash" leathers weighed more than the glossy leathers. Their surface has a special treatment which will surely add some weight, and I recall someone having received a Pewter Crash Angel Purse and specifically remarking about its heavy weight.

    At this stage, I can only speak to the wine glossy leather and the pebble-textured mustard leather. I have no experience with the crash leathers, although this is exactly what I want! I've read they are tough, durable, wear exceptionally well, and continue to look fantastic like new ~ sounds like my kind of leather!!
  13. I'm also really curious on how the leathers are as well. Like what's the diff between petrol and glossy petrol. The old petrol looked glossy to me too?

    I'm having a really hard time trying to pick a bag I want. I'm trying to only limit myself to one, 2 at most. My first color choice is the plum, it seems like such a nice fall shade and isn't as glaring as the pewter. Maybe the Take Me Anywhere or Make Me Smile in plum although I'd still need to debate whether I want the midi or regular size.

    Does the Hug me remind anyone of gerard ford? I think I want that in black glossy as well. Too many choices!
  14. Yes, I too noticed that there is no regular-sized Make Me Smile, although the dimensions of the Make Me Smile Midi is perfect for my needs. :yes:

    Very nice choices for you and your DH (I'm sure he won't mind you borrowing his bag, or will he?)!! ;)
  15. Crash is definitely no maintenance. It's holding out like a champ through rain and I put books, etc. in it with so sign of wear. The weight, I don't even notice it? I don't have a regular leather BE to compare it to till april but I didn't think it was heavy compared to other bags I have.