Fall 08 for Belen Echandia Lovers!!!

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  1. I am so overwhelmed by the beauty of the new bags...that I am paralyzed. I also have a son going to college...so..once again, no bags for me unless they are on sale. I am enjoying all your purchases ladies!!! The bags are stunning! And if you get one you can't use...pm me before you put onto ebay.
  2. Sigh...the more I look, the more the Hug Me appeals to me...it just looks like it would be so chic hand held or on the elbow...then with the messenger strap, useful as well...I keep going back to it and looking....
  3. YAY dsrk, I am very excited - doesn't the Purple Crash look stunning? :woohoo:
  4. TropicalGal -- My son is too young for college now, but I'm right there with you -- have to stick to the sales for now!
  5. You mean Gerard Darel bags? Yes, that was my first thought too re:Hug Me. I like the looks of the bag, but don't want something so unstructured it splats like an amoeba (someone here described her GDarel that way) when you set it down. Hmmm... maybe I can build in structure by putting a purse organizer inside.

    Also, on the Hug Me, does it look like there are two large outside pockets on either side of the zipped one that run the entire length and width of the bag? And then the main compartment which is zippered? It kind of sounds that way on the description, but hard to tell on the pic. If that's so, I like that feature!
  6. Me too. The strap drop measurements aren't listed, but it almost looks like it can also be a shoulder bag -- doesn't it look like the middle of the bag would slouch enough so that you can fit the handles on your shoulder? The only thing is, with a 7" depth, that might look kinda awkward with your arm sticking out. :s
  7. Wow I am so glad they have these new styles...
    I am especially happy they have a Take Me Everywhere - which is what I hoped for after seeing the Take me Anywhere and Love Me

    I think I might do a Happy Dance!
  8. The new Hold Me are beautiful, I think I will get the Purple one!
  9. Gorgeous bags!!!

    I take it all back what I said about the purple swatch (when I first saw it) being drab and no way would I wear anything that colour!

    Change 'drab' to 'fab'! I think it'll look fantastic!
  10. These are beautiful bags for fall. I've neven looked at Belen Echandia before. I'm going to look into getting one some more.
  11. hah! that's what I meant but when I typed it, I knew I had something wrong. With her leather I doubt they'd puddle like an amoeba though. Her leathers are more structured and stiff unless I guess if you get one of her really soft ones (like i imagine the mustard might puddle).
  12. I think I'm going to see a Hug Me in my future! It's just tooo gorgeous! Maybe in the purple crash...I'm thinking I can add some gorgeous color to my wardrobe without going overboard. The fact that it can also be worn cross body is just awsome..I wonder what the drop length is on that bag?

    Also, I'm guessing that all of these bags have that gorgeous hot pink interior?
  13. Ok, maybe I need two Hug Me bags! can you imagine this one in a dark grey glossy?:drool:
  14. All these new bags and color/leather choices are awesome. Sigh...Jackie is just too talented. I want them all. But how can I swing that?
  15. Hi Everyone,

    I think the Hug me looks very cute. Jackie reports that you can not wear this bag over the shoulder though. She mentioned that she's petite and it barely fits on her. But, there is the messenger strap.

    If anyone has received the Hug Me from Jackie's production samples, can you please post your review for all of us? I"d love to read.

    What does everyone think, black glossy or chocolate matte for the Hug Me from those 2 colors?