Eyelash extensions - are they worth it???

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Are getting eyelash extensions worth it?

  1. Yes, totally! Worth every penny!

  2. Nope, stick to falsies.

  3. Other - please say why!

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  1. My colleague got hers done prior to her wedding and liked the result, but didn't stick with them afterwards. I have never had them done and have very sensitive eyes, can't handle eyeliner either except for a couple of hours for special occasions.

    Can I ask some questions (and let me know if this is too off topic for this thread)?
    -What are eyelash extensions made of?
    -How do they hold up to chlorine in swimming pools?
  2. I took my extensions off last week and got a keratin lash lift. It looks good but it's not the same as extensions - I think if your lashes are naturally thick, a lift could substitute. Mine are pretty average, and with the lift they definitely look better than bare lashes - but I still need mascara. The lift seems to substitute more for a lash curler in my case.
  3. I've never had lash extensions, but they might not be great if you have sensitive eyes and can't even tolerate eyeliner, a black kohl pencil eyeliner is probably the least irritating eye makeup that exists. I doubt they would be practical if you swim a lot either, I know they don't last as long if they are frequently wet.
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  4. Lash extensions can work for even the most sensitive eyes. It all depends on the salon and the type of lashes and the type of glue. I’ve not been on able to tolerate the itchy lashes before or the fumes from the glue, but the one I go to now has very thin light lashes and the glue is very mild yet strong. You definitely can swim in them but you’ll need to wait two days after application to give the glue time to set. If you have an Amazing Lash near you, it is a franchise so their employees all get the same training. I highly recommend them. Ask for featherweight lashes but I think they are using them standard now.

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  5. Please see my post above if you didn’t already.

  6. I was on mascara for decades but switched to lash extension a year ago.
    No mascara is proven to be friendly to my oily eyelid (smudgies). And with extension, i don't even bother with eye makeup anymore (another smudge). My eyes are happy.
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  7. I'm getting extension for good 5 past years and just recently changed the master and omg what I found out! after getting it done with at a totally new place the result lasts much much longer! The last time I got it was June 12 and there is still quite a volume and no messy eyelashes like it usually happened to me in like 2-3 weeks... I used to be very loyal to my master and visited only her all the time, now I know that was kind of stupid and girls... try several places then you'll find yours
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  8. Oh yes, extensions are far better on the eyes than mascara and eyeliner, which are messy, clog tear ducts, and cause irritation and infection. Properly cared for extensions actually reduce the risk of infection because you’re cleansing them once or twice a day and should be otherwise keeping your hands off of them.
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  9. I’ve gotten them recently and just had my first fill. I’ve noticed that my eyes were drier than before, has anyone else experienced this? I think my eyes were borderline dry at my last eye appointment (first appointment since official menopause). I’ve been putting drops in nightly and that has helped. I also asked for shorter and thinner lashes this time. Just wondering if this is common.
  10. They may be experiencing dryness due to whatever wash you are using for your lashes. Do not use baby wash, as it is not designed for eyes even though it may say no tears. What are you using? Is there a list of ingredients? I recently ran across a kind that is all natural and sounds wonderful, but I have not tried it yet.

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  11. I just had mine done a couple of days ago. Oh my, I have on no make up or concealer, and my eyebrows are not done. But here is my lash selfie of the day. I recently gave up doing my nails because I think my time and money is wiser spent a couple of times of month on my eyelashes. Adding the maintenance of nails just took up too much time and adding it all up was practically the price of a car payment! Doing my nails (dip powder mani as my nails are too weak to even hold nail polish and a pedi) twice a month plus tip was $250!!! My lashes are $59 per fill, charged automatically to my credit card each month. I can usually go a good three weeks between lash refills.
    At 50 years old, my face can use all the help it can get!! I think lashes make me appear more youthful, and are probably a bit more visible than my nails. I get complimented daily. Hmmm looks like I could use some visine too haha. I have to use prescription eyedrops for a condition I have and they burn my eyes so they are red. 4885C45F-FCC2-4BD4-9A10-30EABEB9CC25.jpeg
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  12. 569B745F-240B-479B-93BE-29D908DE2FB2.jpeg
    So I think my lashes were too long and brushing against my eyeglasses. As well the eye drops I was using was irritating my eyes so I’m switching to single use drops. Hopefully this will do the trick since I really like the way they look...
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  13. I don’t know what you look like without lashes, but I think they make your eyes look much bigger! Please let us know if the irritation resolves.
  14. OMG I just started using an all natural wash and it is amazing! Much better than the one I was using before and it foams up nicely to clean in between your lashes...
    And here's my selfie of the day from a different angle. Lovin' my volumes :heart::heart::heart:
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  15. I’m trying Caudalie miceller water, I’ve used it in past without issues so I’m hoping for the best!