Eyelash extensions - are they worth it???

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Are getting eyelash extensions worth it?

  1. Yes, totally! Worth every penny!

  2. Nope, stick to falsies.

  3. Other - please say why!

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  1. definitely yes but in most cases it may depend on the master you went to... my does it perfect!
  2. I use Alverde Lash Booster Serum and Alverde Overnight Coffeine Regeneration Serum. They definitely healed the damage done by the extentions and I had looked really awful. I used them every morning and evening for ca. 2 months, nowadays less.
  3. OMG I can't believe this thread has been around since 2012, I had never heard of lash extensions until late 2015! I was very late to this party, apparently.

    I had lash extensions January 2016 - June 2018, then took a break while I was saving money and just got them back a week ago. It's like I'm a whole new person - I swear by them. They make your eyes look so much larger and make me look so much more put together. With them, I don't feel I need to wear eye makeup (shadow), just a bit of liquid liner if I feel like it. But then, I hate applying false lashes.

    The negatives are: sometimes they sting my eyes when I sweat/workout, they look weird if you don't touch them up when they grow out, and you can't rub your eyes while cleaning your makeup.
  4. I had Eyelash Extensions in my holiday: it definitely does look good and there is no need for Make Up. But: i really hated the process of bringing them on (the artist taped my eyelids - that was aweful). So I was sure, I didn't want to repeat that and prefer the different possibilities I have with Mascara. There is a Mascara-Base from MAC with similar results.
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  5. IDK if you can get these where they look natural but I went for a visit with a physician who was either wearing false lashes or something similar. I was distracted and shocked at how unprofessional she looked. Maybe for a dancer or a bartender or someone in the fashion business. But for an Oncologist, not IMO.
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  6. My ophthalmologist has fire engine red hair and her veneers could be seen from the Moon. She looks more of an artist than a doctor. She's still the best specialist in her field I met in the last few years and I met many.
  7. times have changed since the days when virtually all physicians were men. I think it's fine when a doctor looks fashionable but I'd still like them to be at least as professional in their appearance as a manager. However you're right, skill is most important
  8. I've been getting extensions for the last 3 years and I LOVE THEM! I have straight lashes and I would spend 20 minutes every morning curling, mascara, curling. Now I just wake up and go, with an extra 20 minutes of sleep!

    Highly recommend!
  9. I personally think they don't... you can't normally take a shower or bath and you can't even normally wash your face, sleep... cry... lol I got them only once and that was a nightmare for me... I think it's way better to put on falsies every time when you are doing makeup
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  10. What’s the mascara base from Mac? I don’t use extensions and like to just put on lots of mascara! [emoji4]
  11. The MAC primer base is called “false eyelashes” and it’s amazing. I used it for a while before I got extensions, which I love.

    I have long but sparse lashes and the routine of eyeliner, mascara primer, let dry, mascara, let dry, mascara, declump, was exhausting.

    Extensions are much more convenient for me
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  12. I’m going to have to get that primer base.
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  13. I had extensions for 2 years loved them but the type and style used wasn’t for me ... i kept playing with them and ended up looking terrible when I had them removed ... took a break and have now put them back but have done the very thin ones and the place I go to now have a diff process so I can’t feel them so didn’t do my usual pulling - I love them so much
  14. I personally dont think theyre worth it. I know people who have them or had them and they require so much upkeep and its super expensive. Its about $150-$200 for the first time, then 60-80 every two weeks, and you HAVE to go that often or else it looks so tacky. Any gaps between the lashes look really bad and noticeable. If I was rich then maybe Id do it, otherwise I prefer mascara.
  15. I still love lash extensions, but the maintenance is too much. I can't deal with an hour on the table every two weeks, and stretching much past that is pushing it.
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