Eyelash extensions - are they worth it???

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Are getting eyelash extensions worth it?

  1. Yes, totally! Worth every penny!

  2. Nope, stick to falsies.

  3. Other - please say why!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I wear false lashes everyday. . .and have gotten so used to putting them on every morning that I can take a shower, do my hair and get ready in 30 minutes in the morning if I'm in a pinch.

    Now I'm considering trying eyelash extensions but not sure if they're worth it. They are pricey and I've read the pros (more natural, can wear less makeup) & cons (doesn't last long, touch-ups, are expensive) online.

    So I wanted people who have experience to chime in on this matter. I've been debating jumping into the ring and forking up the $100s of dollars to get some extensions, but am scared that I'll be wasting my money and will go back to false lashes. How is the maintenance, care, etc. Any advice?

    Thank you!
  2. if you wear falsies everyday then i would say maybe no point but i have extensions and i LOVE THEM! but they arent as dramatic as the individuals... but i LOVE them..best monthly upkeep that i do...
  3. it's like getting your nails done. . . you get used to it, it's very expensive maintenance and you hate the way you look w/o it if you decide not to continue. . .
    not worth it IMO.
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  4. Thank you everyone for your information. I agree, Swanky, that the upkeep is very expensive - one place I'm looking at that everyone raves and rants about charges $300 for a full set and requires 2 week follow up appts to refill for $85 per hour, and charges an extra $25 per half hour after that. I don't know if I can spend $190+ a month to maintain my lashes!!

    Thank you babyboo, that is on reason why I want to try lash extensions. I know it's a more natural look, and I would like to stop wearing falsies because they are starting to irritate my eyes. I got a little overly excited last night before I read this thread and already bought a voucher for the salon with the very expensive upkeep. I'll try it out, see if I like it, and if it's worth it to maintain. If not, then at least I tried it and knew it wasn't for me!

    Thanks again for your responses!!
  5. i say try it! if you like it then you can keep it..but to be honest..i didn't really like it that much..
  6. It's not natural looking IMO, it's very obvious who has them.
    I'd use lash serums to encourage growth or a few falsies on the ends if you want natural looking.
    The extensions are GORJ!!!! But definitely not natural looking.
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  7. http://forum.purseblog.com/make-up/eyelash-extensions-anyone-done-it-21030.html

    I've had them done... but I couldn't stand them after a week & had them taken out on my extended lunch break.. lol. The part that gets to me is not being able to really wash my face.. you're suppose to avoid touching your eyes. That on top of paying the 2 week maintenance fee of $50+ wasn't something I could see myself doing in the long run. When I had them taken off.. my original lashes were half the length I went in with.. which was a bummer because I only had them on a week. It was an expensive lesson learned.. :-s but they definitely aren't for everyone. I now just use Latisse.
  8. You can ask for more natural length ones so that it's thicker rather than more length! But I guess in most cases people think the bigger the better!
  9. So funny, I'm in the exact same boat! :smile: Last weekend, I decided I desperately NEED eyelash extensions! :smile:

    However, yesterday night I discussed this with a girlfriend who had extensions in the past, and she definitely doesn't recommend it. She says it only looks good for about a week or so and she just got tired of the all the maintenance..
    She does recommend an eyelash perm though, so I think I'd might look into that further.
    I guess it will depend whether or not I would still need mascara - I hate taking it off at night! :Push:
  10. My BFFs are a natural length. They still look different than mine which are natural. To me, they're not natural looking at all.
    I love hers, they really are gorgeous!! But not "natural" looking.
  11. Yeah..I kinda get what u mean. Tbh it felt uncomfortable for me and when I had to remove make up etc. I found it troublesome, although I am sure it's not meant to be that way...
  12. I thought it looked nice. I did a "natural" length and it basically looked like i had a healthy dose of mascara on all the time. I don't think most women, and any men realized they were fake. But at $75-100 a pop I couldn't stomach the cost. while I never had to wear mascara I felt a lot more selfconsicious and weary of putting on liner and shadow since I knew i had to be careful when removing. Perhaps i wash my face too haphazardly normally, but i definitely had to change my habits while they were on.
  13. Just re-read poll and your post. If the alternative is putting on falsies more than twice a week then I say go for it. If you are already building some inconvenience to your schedule.
    How long they last really depends on your service provider. I have had them last as long as 3 weeks and as short as one week.
    While some places don't do as good of a job, the place i used applied varying lengths to give natural looking variety to the look. again depends on your service provider but i thought it look FAR more natural that false lashes, except one time when i visited a less experienced vendor and (my fault) requested too long lashes.
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  14. Every experience is different. I think you should try it out if you are curious. Eyelash extensions can be really pretty and effortless, especially since you accustomed to falsies. It would certainly save you some more time in the mornings!
    It's also really important that you go to a reputable salon- you want it to look good and last as long as possible.

    I personally don't do extensions because its too expensive. You have to get them retouched every few weeks, and its tricky to apply eye liner. Boo.

    Good luck!
  15. No, to me they are not worth it because I can grow my own lashes with OTC lash growth stimulators.