Eyelash extensions - are they worth it???

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Are getting eyelash extensions worth it?

  1. Yes, totally! Worth every penny!

  2. Nope, stick to falsies.

  3. Other - please say why!

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  1. May I ask what the recommended cleanser was?
  2. #92 Mar 3, 2019
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2019
    It is from Amazing Lash - their own brand. I heard you can make your own using baby shampoo, but I could not guarantee it would be compatible with the lash adhesive. The glue can break down quicker if you don’t care for the lashes properly.
    This is me with no makeup. I have dark discoloration and redness but I am 50 years old. I get a very natural lash. I do need microblading for my brows though!!

    6E8B387B-2AAB-4606-85A5-CC83464CEEF8.png C798917D-5460-4BF6-AFCA-A241D8B149BE.jpeg
  3. I've been getting lash extensions for over 3 years now and they're totally worth it to me.

    They do require some maintenance...I wash them every day with a foaming cleanser, apply a sealant every other day to reinforce the bonding of the glue and use a lash serum to keep my natural lashes strong. But I gotta say, doing these things has helped them last longer. I go in for my fills every 4-5 weeks and I still have over 40% of my lashes left. My lash artist has had to remove individual extensions to apply new ones since they were getting too long and haven't fallen out yet. I don't mind an hour on the table every month...I love naps!

    My lashes after 3 weeks..
  4. I do all these things as well. I also take Biotin (a vitamin that helps with hair growth & skin regeneration). “Amazing Lash” recommends washing twice a day, but I often wash only once at night if I am not going to wear any make up that day. No washing or getting them wet for the first 2 days after a refill, and I use only cool or warm water, not hot. I have to go about every 3 weeks, but I think that’s because I have not found a good lash growth serum that is compatible. I think mine makes them detach a little sooner. Some of the good serums are REALLY expensive!! Less than a teaspoon for $70-$120!!!!!

    Here are a couple more “lash selfies” for the day. I have not washed them or anything since I woke up today. If you see something that looks like dry skin, it’s actually just my face serum that dries and flakes off lol. I usually wear it at night and wash it off in the morning.
    9FFD7C71-58D1-4319-95AB-E28B2F42C40A.jpeg DD1A2F13-C48F-4B47-A104-D1831088C04C.jpeg
  5. Are you me? LOL...I also take biotin along with collagen and it really makes a difference. And I hear ya on the serum. The one I'm using is LashFood from Sephora and it's $80 for .10 ounces :doh:
  6. OMG collagen, yes I take collagen too, haha. We must be Clark Kent and Superman! I take my collagen in the form of a powder supplement I add to smoothies. I also take hyaluronic acid capsules, which aid in the production of collagen. Ummmm....Why can I plunk down a few thousand $$$ for a bag, but I choke when I think about paying $800 an ounce for eyelash food? $80 per 1/10 oz is equivalent to $800 per oz :shocked::shocked::shocked:
    995D3A0D-2F1E-435C-A847-46E6F767F5FB.jpeg 7BB130CA-F112-4DDB-8E97-37E11A61A44F.jpeg

  7. Mine are biotin gummies. This is what I take for skin/hair.
    Have you looked into astaxanthin? It's a powerful carotenoid antioxidant that gives salmon, trout, shrimp etc.. their red color. 65 times stronger than vitamin C at fighting free radicals, it helps increase skin elasticity, moisture, smoothness and decreases fine lines and wrinkles.
    Oh and so I don't derail the thread, here's my lash selfie for today. :biggrin: I put a bit of mascara on my bottom lashes..
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  8. I do not take astaxanthin. But apparently I should! It is also what gives flamingos their pink color - it’s their diet. I do eat a lot of salmon, trout, and shrimp though. Hmmmmm.... (scratches head).
    Love your lash selfie!!
    Anybody else following this thread??! Lol!!
    I will post one tomorrow when I’m wearing makeup if nobody else does.

  9. Love your lashes. May I ask which sealant you use? Thank you.

  10. Lash selfie of the day. Please excuse the melting makeup and glasses marks after a 15 hour work day. 7D8C9A8B-BDF0-4E8B-BFB6-063C5ADAFD84.jpeg
  11. I think it totally worth it! I spend twice less time on makeup in the morning now. I used to apply Latisse some time but once and my lashes were naturally amazing but once I stopped, they all gone
  12. I like extensions but have recently been getting lash lifts instead. I’m in the UK and they’re called LVL but I assume the US will have something similar if not the same.

    It’s basically a perm for the lashes and then tint. I have black lashes and didn’t think the tint would do anything but it really made the final result look amazing. It was like having mascara on but really natural and the length/curl was awesome too.

    Went makeup free for about 8 weeks which is how long it lasted for me and lashes looked so good. It’s easier to maintain as it just enhances natural lashes so they look longer and curled and I’m probably not going to try extensions again. I’ll take some pics when I have my next one done but google lash lift generally and you’ll see what it’s like.
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  13. A lash lift would definitely not be enough for me. There are times I walk out of the lash salon already wishing my lashes were even thicker and longer.
    Just had a refill today so here are my lash selfies for today: 46204C56-055B-4949-8EC8-4E1FB10A45F5.jpeg 468213C9-7764-4484-A7B4-5F953865CC4B.jpeg F40B21AA-2C97-4D0D-9601-8C9BB848072B.jpeg

  14. I was going to ask about lash lift. The girl who dose my facials and brow wax/tint told me that she’s now going to do lash lifts. I used to do extensions but stopped about a year ago. I loved the look but it was too irritating after a while especially when my allergies are bad not being able to itch my eyes was awful. I have super stick straight lashes which won’t hold a curl if I tried to use a curler. Not sure if I want to try this, I am intrigued but scared of it.