Everything Barenia Faubourg

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  1. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but oh how I wish you’d taken pics and shared them with us. I know, collectively, we all just threw up a little in our mouths knowing that feeling you had.

    I’m glad and relieved that she’s not had any staining and she is as pretty as when you got her!
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  2. Next time for sure dear!
  3. I sincerely hope there’s not a next time!!!
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  4. Woohoo!! So glad to hear your success story!
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  5. Introducing my two lovelies. On the left B30 in Barenia fauve on the right B30 in Barenia Faubourg.
    IMG_0439.jpg IMG_0439.jpg
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  7. AC12CA2A-23E2-42E3-98E3-1C6B89918DE1.jpeg

    Brunching in Madrid.
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  9. I just got a mini bolide in BF! It smells divine!! I was told by the SA the literally someone asked for a mini bolide like 20 minutes before me and she doesn’t like barenia. So here it is all mine!

    I took it out from it’s box to admire today and the handles feel a little sticky. Did that happen to any of your bags?

    Anyway here she is....

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  10. Soooo adorable! Would you mind posting some modeling photos?
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  11. OMG, sooooo.... cute. I second asking for modeling photos.
  12. I haven’t started using her yet... I need to find a chance when I’m not going out with my dogs and it’s dry outside... will post pics when I take her out
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  13. After following this thread for a few months, I’ll finally be able to contribute! Got a sweet surprise from my sweet SA saying that she’s pulled a bag for me.

    Mini roulis, BF, in permabrass hardware!!!
  14. Congratulations and please post photos.