Everything Barenia Faubourg

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  1. Delighted to add my mini roulis to the BF club!

  2. this is gorgeous! love barenia and BF
  3. Thanks so much dear azukitea.
  4. A truly special bag for a truly special lady! :heart:
  5. Aww thanks so much dear; your post was the catalyst!:heart::hugs::love:
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  6. She’s beautiful! Welcome to BF wonderland!
  7. Just beautiful, enjoy her.
  8. My 2 cents on this wonderful thread, I’m super excited and curious to see how this new leather develops with time, I have read all the posts and see every photo, thanks for sharing.

    Birkin 30 Barenia F with GHW


    Here paired with Twillys from the new collection, Rocabar color 16, IMH it looks far more interesting at the back side.

  9. Congrats! She’s beautiful!
  10. She’s gorgeous! And a unicorn with that GHW! You don’t see that often!
  11. @okiern1981 - how’s the patina on your lovely BF coming? I was thinking about your lovely posts the other day! My BF has not gotten out much except for a few photo ops as I’ve been traveling
  12. Thank you so much, ITA with you about hardware, I’ve got two different Gold Birkins, one 35 Fjord and one 30 Togo, both in Paladium. I always thought Gold was more classic with PHW but I must say that the deep caramel shade of Fauve is yummy with golden hardware. Thank you for all the great photos and info that you have posted on this thread, it’s very useful info.
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  13. Thank you, yours is also amazing. Thanks for yur pictures and info.
  14. I took a pic the other day, and forgot to post it on here. I was talking with a TPF friend off forum about BF, and the subject of patina came up. Here it is! 9F41E0F2-5962-453C-B275-1CAFD1D57625.jpg

  15. Love the “dulce de leche” color of your BF Birkin!!!!!
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