Everything Barenia Faubourg

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  1. This photo looks "heavenly" love it.
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  2. Yes, sorry I should have clarified!
  3. Joining the cluuubbb....!! I finally braved myself and pulled the trigger.. Introducing Miss B30 GHW Barenia Faubourg.... the smell out of the box is oh so heavenly..!!


    Thanx to all the ladies here (special thanx to lala), i managed to picked the matching twillies right away..

    Posing here with my first ever rodeo

    okiern.. thank you for starting this thread... you ladies rock..!!!
  4. Beautiful, love the twillies, and a perfect combination with the Rodeo
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  5. Congrats ! She’s beautiful!
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  6. Thank you Prinipessa, it was the very first rodeo i bought years ago.. it blends in with the color of twilly i guess..

    Thank you TeeCee77
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  7. Because it’s been too long time for a quick photo shoot IMG_2546.jpg
  8. All buckled up and ready for an adventure IMG_2555.jpg
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  9. That's beautiful! I hope to own the same some day!
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  10. Thank you my dear..! Hopefully we can be twinsies soon..!!
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  11. IMG_0038.jpg

    Sharing the love for one of my favorite queens.
  12. She’s so lovely!!
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  13. Thank you! I think yours is lovely! Oh, wait...they’re sisters!
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  14. Gasp! What a stunning combo! This belongs in a magazine!
  15. Love the twillies! And, is that a saltine charm?