Everything Barenia Faubourg

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  1. Wow. Sorry about the first one. I had many already.
  2. Thank you. But, the beauty of Barenia is the dings blend into a beautiful patina. Or I hope so with the grained Barenia.
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  3. It will! After this warm humid summer and some more lovely patina you won’t even notice. But the first one hurts. You totally have the right attitude.
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  4. Thank you ️!
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  5. Saw this Veau Barenia Birkin (the smooth leather, not Barenia Faubourg)
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  6. IMG_1528191397.334421.jpg
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  9. Ladiesss.... loving all your Barenia Faubourg pictures... they all look so beautiful....!!!
    Thank you for this thread and for all the infos shared here, convincing me on pulling the trigger and getting barenia. I will join the club soon...!! Keep the pictures coming please..
  10. Let's try and keep this thread to Barenia Faubourg.
    There is another for good old traditional barenia.
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  11. 13A9EF69-5E53-4279-97F6-E12F9E3EE080.jpeg
    Just sharing a Barenia Faubourg Mini Roulis I was offered in Nov 2017. It was the first time I had seen it, as my dear SA who knew I would appreciate it, showed it to me. It didn’t come home with me and oddly the scent wasn't as strong out of the box as other Barenia pieces I have seen/ bought. I think this was a push offer. Months after that we saw a Birkin appear on the shelf in store.
  12. Maybe the scent varies? Mine nearly bowled everyone over when the box was opened. Everyone in the store was “oooohhh” while inhaling deeply.
    I understood from my SM that it is a PO as well.
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  13. In the interest of sharing all intimate details about BF, my puppy has taken a liking to my BF B35... don’t know if he’s attracted to the scent or the look or the taste, but he likes to lick it every chance he gets. While I appreciate that he isn’t trying to chew on the leather, I wonder what the long term effects of doggy saliva are on BF! So far, his licking hasn’t affected the “patina” or created any color changes or unevenness between areas licked and non-licked, but I assume that over time, the pH balance of saliva (human or animal) will eventually change either the color or texture? Lol.
  14. I am sure it does. The Ebene Barenia which was also offered to me around that time in Paris was really strong out of the box. Even my SA remarked on it and he really loves the leather. You mean Push Offer not PO as in Podium Order right?
  15. I had the same experience when they opened the BF box. Everyone stopped and started sniffing the air, it was kind of funny, but understandable.
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